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Danny Phantom Porn Story: The Last Seconds Chapter 4

Danny Phantom Porn Story: The Last Seconds Chapter 4

Name: Kwan

Story: Kwan is Dashs best
friend, also a popular guy. He seems to be a bit nicer to everyone,
but he is still a bully. All he really wants is just a place to

Kwanstill had the news
spinning around in his head, making him feel a bit dizzy. The world
was going to end; he was going to die at such a young age. He didnt
want to die and never see anyone again; it made him feel sad and sick
at the same time. The only person he really wanted to talk to was
Dash, his best friend. So he walked over to Dashs house, only to
be told that he didnt want to talk to anybody. Kwan decided to
just take a walk to the park, where he saw one of his friends Star.
She was sitting on a bench looking at the lake.

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: Your Highness Danny Phantom – Chapter 3

Danny Phantom Porn Story: Your Highness Danny Phantom – Chapter 3

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom or
any other mythical beings, or Harry Potter (latter in the story when
I begin to get bored.)

ameliato2004: I am going to add Sams
grandmother into the story, but I dont know what Sam calls her, so
I am going to call her grandmere. Also, there will be times where I
skip scenes because the characters are only explaining something that
you already know about 3 times. I will only type out one of these 3

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Danny Phantom Hentai Story: "The Songs the Thing"

This is an adaptation of an excellent Danny Phantom Comix “The Song of Lust,” written by Monkey Nutz and penned by Dark DP over at WWOEC. If you haven’t seen it yet, get over to WWOEC dot com and select authors, Dark DP.Good stuff there.That would make this the “novelization” of a computer generated comic.Ain’t Fanfiction(s) great?The Song’s the ThingLate Saturday morning, the first day of Spring break, Maddie Fenton decided a bit of spring cleaning was in order. In the midst of scrubbing, polishing and straightening, the doorbell rang. Jazz Fenton took the opportunity to escape from the basement lab, her moody little brother, Danny Fenton and her frustrated mother, Mattie. Danny’s best friend Samantha, (please, call her Sam), had brought lunch: a large, fresh garden salad with grilled tofurkey and a spinach, portabella-mushroom pizza, topped with warm goat cheese. Finally, and most appreciated, she volunteered an extra pair of hands to help clean up the mess left by their most recent ghost portal backlash.Jazz called Danny and her mother up from the basement where the three Fentons had been working. The family patriarch, Jack Fenton, was off attending the international ghost convention in Saint Helena, the most remote, inhabited island in the world.Maddie, extremely fit at thirty-six for a mother of two, ran splayed fingers through her short, thick auburn hair. The page-boy cut was functional and practical and, incidentally, framed her face nicely. As usual, she wore a blue jumpsuit that emphasized her considerable attributes while at the same time prevented too much jiggle and sway. All things considered, Continue reading

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: "Wrong"

I feel compelled to tell any readers that my stories will not be featuring Danny using his powers. While I do view him as a horny teen, I can’t see him using his powers to spy on people. Not to mention the fact that he’s not going to be called away to fight ghosts while he’s boning someone. Just sayin’.Wrong. It was wrong. In every way, shape, and form, God knows it was wrong. But, and God will admit it if He was ever asked, it felt so right. So good.The perfect crime is not achieved with well timed break-ins to vaults holding millions of dollars. It?s not a well put together kidnapping, or a unsuspected, unsolved murder. The perfect crime is sex.Not rape. No, never rape. That?s not what this was. It was the furthest thing from it. It was love in it?s purest form, expressed from one boy to his beloved. Rape is aggression, teamed with selfishness. It?s take without give. This was the perfect balance of give and take. Perpetuating itself with the effort of two loving, secretive teens.But there is one kind of sex, one kind of orgasmic bliss, that is illegal in the United States. Some shudder to think about it. Our two protagonists do, but for different reasons than many. Others have warmed to the idea. Others participate. Others, for instance, like Danny and Jasmine Fenton.To begin with, Danny is fourteen. He has jet black hair and innocent blue eyes. He?s tall, for a freshman, but scrawny. On the outside, he looks every part of a gawky, shy teenage boy on the brink of adult hood, trying to get control of his raging hormones. On the inside, however?A man. A man with his spirit on fire for the woman he loves. His heart burns for her. He aches eve Continue reading

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Danny Phantom Hentai Story: "Detention"

Sam’s POV, Italics are her thoughts (you all know me by now, so…) 3:15 PM, Wenesday
“This is your fault, you know.” I said to Danny who was sitting across from me in the Library. we were in Detention. “Sorry, but I really think teachers shouldn’t curse out the students for getting the awnser wrong. ” He replied while folding his arms across his cheast.

“But you didn’t have to get me involved.” I protested.

” is a bitch sometimes.” he muttered.

“how much longer do we have left?” I asked.

“An hour and a half.” he awnsered.

Tucker was lucky he had the flu and is at home, leaving the two of us in the library which now has a second floor that was put in sophmore year.

“Can’t you phase us out of hear?” I asked. He shook his head. “Little mishap with my Dad’s invention, whatever it did, I’m as human now like when I was younger.” he sighed.

“So what do you wanna do?” He asked looking around. “I don’t know, but I’m going Upstairs, maybe find that book that Lancer was talking about.” I said getting up from my Table and walking up the stairs.

Truth is, there is no book, I just want him to follow me.

so that you could do what?

I’m not telling you.

You two hooked up a year ago, now what are you going to do?

Afew minutes later I hear someone coming up the stairs and someone calling my name. “Sam?”

“I’m right here.” I called back from the back of the library, sitting on top Continue reading

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Danny Phantom Hentai Story: "Danny Phantom’s Porn adventures: Mother’s needs"

“I’m home,” said Danny.

Danny didn’t get a response and Just looked around. He walked into the kitchen and raided the fridge for a soda. He was about to open it until he heard a light squeaking noise. He walked up the stairs and the squeaking got loader only this time moans were added to it.

He spotted that his mothers door was wide open and he peeked into the room and his eyes widened in shock. Maddie was on the bed with her ass in the air and three fingers inside of her pink pussy with her juices running down her legs.

Maddie nearly screamed as she came. “DANNY!” yelled Maddie.

Danny was shocked by this.

Warning Lemon

“Mom,” said Danny.

Maddie shot up and looked at Danny. Her form sweaty and her large glorious mounds staring at him. She pulled the cover over her naked form.

Maddie was blushing. “Danny! I thought you and your sister had left,” said Maddie.

Danny couldn’t help, but stare at Maddie’s body. “Mom what’s going on.

Maddie thought about it. Danny was a fairly attractive young man and ever since Jack died and even before then she had been so sexually frustrated. If anything she needed a hard dick more then a emotionally strong son. Besides she would have confronted him about his and Jazz’s relationship.

Maddie’s eyes changed and grew lustful. “I was thinking about your hard dick pounding my pussy Danny,” said Maddie as she stood up and walked over to Danny and cupped his crotch

Th Continue reading

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Danny Phantom’s Hentai adventures: The List – Part 1

Danny Phantom

The List part 1

                This is the story of Danny Phantom. It started as a boring day at high school for Danny and his friends; Sam and Tucker. The bell rang and during the hall passing and Danny’s ghost scent when off then Danny asks tucker and Sam to cover for him to go ghost. Afterwards he followed the scent to the girl’s locker room; one of the ghosts took over one of the girls. Paulina was taken over, Danny turn transparent and forces the ghost out of Paulina.

                After Danny did that Paulina, turn around saw her hero, went over, and kissed him. (In Danny’s mind) he thought finally she kissed me. After that kiss Paulina fell in love with him she told ghost boy to wait for her in the shower room. Therefore, Danny phased though the wall, seat down on the breach, and waited, a few mins later Paulina walked into the room wearing a towel around her body. She walked in front of Danny and stood there and she looked down and asks ghost boy if he like to see her body?

                Danny nodded and Paulina grabbed the top of the towel and unwrapped and dropped it down on the floor. Danny was speechless looking at Paulina, she was stunning. Danny looked at her body from head to toe, her breast were bigger then he saw with her cloths on and she already had pubic hair on her pussy. Then Paulina told ghost boy that he could watch her take a shower or come and take shower with me? Danny sat there thinking about it and then Paulina walks over to the door and locked it and Continue reading

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