Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Serenas Trap Chapter Two

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Serenas Trap Chapter Two

Chapter!! I hope ya like it!

I don’t own Danny Phantom or any characters



Tucker, THAT’S why we call you Bad Luck Tuck.” Danny concluded
as matter of factly as he could. He hated Mondays and it was a small
comfort to just hang out with Sam and Tucker. Well, when he could.
There are always ghosts around and Danny never get any sleep ’cause
of those stupid nightmares. Oh, well he’ll just deal with it for…

narrator was cut off by Danny’s chilled ghost sense. He promised to
meet Sam and Tuck in the Nasty Buger later and headed off into the
cool spring night.

Fenton rounded a corner and was about to change into my ghost form,
when he saw a ghost in a shimmering midnight black cloak. It glided
toward him as he willed two blue rings to travel up and down his

The ghost started to speak and said,” My name is Serena. I have
not come to terrorize your home, I come from Clockwork, your
guardian, he has given his orders to me. I’m sorry, but it must be
done. It will help you in the long run. Have fun in your mind.”

Danny could respond with some witty banter, Serena hit him with a
purple ecto blast that put him to sleep. She flew up into the gentle
winds and hummed to herself all the way to the “Grand”
Master’s Manner with the sleeping hybrid in her arms.


POV (After chapter 1)

Where are we?” Vlad asked. I had just regained consciousness
about three seconds and he questions me. Wow, that’s defiantly old’
need a cat Vladdy.

then, so where are we? Um…. What had that ghost said? I was sent by
Clockwork…umm.. Didnt she say have fun in your mind? Oh crud, I
don’t think Plasmius is going to be happy about this.


Where are we?” I asked. Wait hold on Vlad, how should he know?
Well, the ghost could’ve told him something… am I talking to
myself? Maybe I should see that shrink after all….

was shook out of his musings by a nervous Danny saying,” Um..
Vlad? I think I know where we are and I know you’re NOT going to like
it.” Oh that can’t be good.

are we Daniel?!” I repeated more forcefully. He whispered so I
could barely hear,” My mind.”

Danny said this I looked around for the first time. It was a long
hallway that was in the shape of a cylinder; however the colors of
the hallway were ice blue and ecto blast green mixed swirls. The
place had icicles hanging from the ceiling too! That was not the
weirdest part though. There were portals (like the Fenton portal)
inside archways all along the sides of the cylinder. The portals are
black and white swirls, but before he could examine them more closely
a wall swung down in front of the swirls. On the walls, since every
portal had closed now, was a speaker and a button next to it.

turned my attention to Daniel who was quietly concentrating on a
speaker. He said,” We might be able to leave through the
portals, but we have to open this stupid wall first.”

said,” Try telling it to open, it might respond to your voice.”
He nodded and held down the button and said, Open.” The wall
stayed motionless and a voice came out of the speaker.


I said confidently.

I released the button a voice came out of the speaker. That voice was
surprisingly, Frostbite’s in his people’s, and my language of the
ice. He said,” Great One, try speaking in this language, you
know it well enough.”

laughed as the fruit loop stared at me like I was nuts. All he must
have heard was gibberish! He said,” Wow, Daniel it looks like
you’ve completely gone mad,” Vlad yelled,” So, what the
butter biscuits was THAT?!”

I laughed,” were you referring to my native language? And by the
way, I suggest you follow me before you’re kept here forever.”

face turned dark red in anger and told me to open the bloody freakin’
door. I turned my back to him and said as quietly as I could, Open.”
The speaker was replaced with a Fenton genetic lock, which I pushed
with my thumb and walked into the swirls with Vlad behind me.



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