Danny Phantom Pornography Story: A Vent Comes to Chase Chapter 1

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: A Vent Comes to Chase Chapter 1

A Vent Comes to Haunt

Summary: This fiction is inspired directly from
Youre-not-so-bigs two-shot crossover of Danny Phantom and Harry
Potter in her fic entitled A Vent for ADD. It is dark, it is
scary, but I think I can swing it. Thank you so much for the

It happens some time after TUE, but before Kindred
Spirits. It is an AU year six in Hogwarts.

Disclaimer: I do not own either Danny
Phantom or Harry Potter.

Chapter 1

Danny couldnt believe it. He was
beyond shocked, hurt There was nothing to describe what he was
feeling. Everything well, almost everything Clockwork helped
him fix was destroyed. But this time, his evil future self from an
alternate timeline wasnt the cause.

But there would be time to deal with
these thoughts later. Now he had an impossible task ahead of him. Or, at least, it felt that way: he had to knock on Vlads door. He
closed his eyes, wrinkled his brow, and knocked.

Within seconds, Vlad opened the
door. Daniel, what do you think you are doing here? he

Danny looked up at him tearfully.
Vlad I have nowhere else to go. Wait a minute. Daniel was
crying? Hed spied on the boy for months, and this is something
hed never seen. But more to the point, he was showing this
weakness before his arch-nemesis? Something was up.

Giving him a side-long look, Vlad
asked, What are you talking about?

The boy closed his eyes, allowing
the tears to flow freely. After a moment, he opened them again and
tried to center himself. Vlad, they these people came to
Amity Park and they killed everyone! My parents, Jazz, Sam,
Tucker, other people in town

Vlads expression changed
immediately from challenging to sympathetic. It was then that Vlad
looked down and noticed Dannys luggage. Two medium-sized
suitcases and a dufflebag held as much as Danny thought to bring with
him. Vlad would send someone to get them later. Now he had other
things to deal with.

Taking Dannys hand, he led the
boy into his mansion in Wisconsin into a sitting room. Daniel,
what people are you talking about? What happened?

Danny was surprised. He never heard
this sincere, gentle tone from Vlad, ever. Still, he trembled as he
answered Vlads questions, tears still flowing freely. Lots of
people wearing black robes and freaky white masks showed up out of
nowhere. They stalked around and shouted nonsense words, pointing
sticks, and people ended up dead. I dont know what happened.

I went ghost and
started blasting back, but the damage was already done. I didnt
sense them. They werent ghosts. They were human and they did this. Danny couldnt go on, for
sobs overtook him.

Vlad was quiet, reflecting over
Dannys words. Jack was dead. Even though he taunted both Jack
and Daniel about this often enough, he never expected Jack to die. At least, not by any hand other than his. Maddie was dead. This was
something he could not deal with. Not yet, anyway. The love of his
life was gone! And sosenselessly, it seemed.

Daniel without either of his parents, or even his responsible
sister Jasmine to watch him, the guardianship of the boy would
naturally fall to him, the long-time family friend whom the children
sometimes called Uncle. He always wanted Danny to be his, but
not this way. And now he had to deal with a hysterical child. He
would sort through his own feelings of loss later.

Vlad stood
and walked up to where Danny was sitting. He put what he intended to
be a comforting hand on Dannys shoulder. He had trouble pulling
his thoughts together. What could he possibly say that Daniel might
find comforting? The child had always considered him an arch-enemy,
and with good reason. So how was he supposed to give succor to the
boy whom he was sure didnt trust him?

knock came at his door. Oh, Cheese Doodles! Ill be right back,
Daniel. He evaporated and teleported to the front door. He
prepared a rant to direct at anyone business related, or some such. He expected no one today, and he had his hands full! However, he was
honestly not prepared for the sight that greeted him when he opened
his door.

A man
dressed in periwinkle robes with long white hair and a long white
beard (looking like what he assumed Clockwork to look like in
old-man form) stood and said, Good afternoon, Vladimir
Masters is it? Im afraid I owe you and the poor boy who came here
an explanation.

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