Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Moon Wind Chapter 9

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Moon Wind Chapter 9

Moon Wind

By: Garnet Sky

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom.

Eyes of Silver

“You are here sooner than I expected,” Clockwork’s voice came from the room beyond them.

Jack turned to face the fearsome ghost of Time. He, he supposed it was a he, was a head taller than Jack with flaming pupiless eyes and skin of light blue. His cloak was a shade darker than his skin tone, his hair jet black, and a grandfather clock pierced his chest. The cloak was held in place by a clock gear.

“Father Time, I presume?” Jack joked, extending one hand.

Sam inhaled sharply as Clockwork regarded the ghost hunter sharply, then smiled and shook Jack’s hand.

“Exhale,” Clockwork told her without turning around.

“What do you mean ‘we’re here sooner than expected’?” Tucker asked, getting to the heart of the matter.

“I had expected to find Phantom’s ghost tamer, but instead she comes to me,” Clockwork answered, smiling at Sam, who managed to blush and look puzzled at the same time.

“Come again?” Jack asked.

Clockwork extended his chronostaff towards a viewing portal in reply. The same child, as before, began reciting a new rhyme:

“Each prince’s heart be wild and free

Until the tamer tame thee.

A prince bonds with love and gold

Immortal until the tamer grows old.

When the tamer succumbs to death,

The great prince follows with his breath.

Nine great princes rule the Zone,

Nine great hearts rule alone.”

“What is a ghost tamer, Clockwork?”

“Who are the princes?”

“What the heck does all this have to do with my son?”

Clockwork held up one hand to ward off the onslaught of questions spewing from the trio of ghost hunters in front of him. “One at a time, please. Samantha, I see you brought the book I gave you. Why don’t you read the entry for Danny for us?”

Sam swallowed and opened the book.

The Lord of Light and Darkness is one of the nine great ruling princes of the Ghost Zone. He is the only son of Lady Bright, the Queen of the Rainbow. Phantom Grey, as his name indicates, has two forms (see picture above). His dark form is the view visitors are granted upon meeting him; the light form is when he sits in judgment, is extremely agitated, or meets with the Royal Council.

Nothing else is known at this time about this prince, except that the lands of the Far Frozen come under his territory as well as those nearest the human portals.

“It doesn’t say anything about this ‘ghost tamer’,” Tucker said, peering at the book.

“Flip to the second chapter, third entry from the bottom,” Clockwork replied.

Ghost Tamer: One who brings death to a ghost.

Tucker blinked. “That doesn’t make sense.”

“I have to agree with you there,” Sam replied, shutting the book. “So what you’re telling us, Clockwork, is that the whole reason I was born was to kill Danny?”

“Yes,” came the reply. “Each of the ruling ghosts has a tamer. When they meet, as they are fated to do, the tamer quickly in a matter of seconds, grows old and becomes dust on the wind, unless….”

“Unless what?” Jack asked.

“Unless there is an intervention,” came the response. “Samantha, do you still have the ring Danny gave you.”

“The one with ‘Wes’ written on the inside band? Yeah,” she said, pulling out the chain she wore it on around her neck.

Clockwork exhaled sharply. His next question pierced the cold air surrounding them. “Do you love him, Samantha?”

Violet eyes widened. “What does this have to do with Danny, Clockwork? Why the twenty questions routine?”

Clockwork’s stoic gaze made her flinch. “Haven’t you been listening, child? You are his tamer.”

The Indigo Triad took their positions at the border as the Green, Thulia, and Purple Triads secured the perimeter behind them.

Dan’el Phantom Grey entered the Halls of the Darker Spectrum, his eyes picking out Persimmon of the Orange Triad, who guarded the Doors of Bonding.

“A gift is required to enter within,” she told him. “Even you must obey these rules, son of the Lady.”

“Mother gives her blessing to this union,” he answered. “I have been asked to give Magnolia this gift for her bonding.” He opened the palm of his hand, revealing the rune-scribed ring within.

Persimmon’s breath hitched in her throat. “So, it has finally happened,” she murmured. “Enter, Lord of Light and Darkness.”

Dan’el Phantom Grey observed this Triadic ghost carefully as she stepped aside for him. She wore her midnight dark hair spilled down her back like a cascading waterfall, with orange and black feathers rounding off the ends. Her reddish-brown skin set off nicely the butter-cream color of her fringed gown and moccasins. Her eyes, as always, were the colorless orbs of the Spectrum ghosts.

“And remember, Lord Phantom,” she said, as the door opened for him, “To exit, you must take her bonding gift in return.”

Author’s Note:

Persimmon–female, Orange Triad, Lighter Spectrum

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