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Danny Phantom Porn Story: Luckiest man alive – Chapter 2

Danny Phantom Porn Story: Luckiest man alive – Chapter 2

The next morning…

Danny trudged down the stairs for breakfast. Walking over to the refrigerator, he was greeted by a note.

Dear Jazz and Danny. Got a call, went out ghost hunting early. Behave yourselves. Be back later today. Love, Mom and Dad.

Ghost-hunting this early? Danny shook his head and got out the milk for his he sat down and started to eat his cereal, he noticed Jazz kept giving him weird looks. Finally, he got fed up.

“All right, what is it with the looks, Jazz? Is there something on my face?”

To his amazement, his sister blushed, and started stammering.

“What looks? What’re you talking about, Danny? I’m not looking at you! Why would I be looking at you? Oh jeez, look at the time, I’m late for class, gotta go, bye!” With that, she dashed out of the door. A minute later, she was back with a sheepish smile.

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: Detention

Danny Phantom Porn Story: Detention

Sam’s POV, Italics are her thoughts (you all know me by now, so…) 3:15 PM, Wenesday
“This is your fault, you know.” I said to Danny who was sitting across from me in the Library. we were in Detention. “Sorry, but I really think teachers shouldn’t curse out the students for getting the awnser wrong. ” He replied while folding his arms across his cheast.

“But you didn’t have to get me involved.” I protested.

” is a bitch sometimes.” he muttered.

“how much longer do we have left?” I asked.

“An hour and a half.” he awnsered.

Tucker was lucky he had the flu and is at home, leaving the two of us in the library which now has a second floor that was put in sophmore year.

“Can’t you phase us out of hear?” I asked. He shook his head. “Little mishap with my Dad’s invention, whatever it did, I’m as human now like when I was younger.” he sighed. Continue reading

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: The List 2

Danny Phantom Porn Story: The List 2

Then he flow out of his window and headed to the first house on his list. It was about five houses down from his. He looked at her name it was Susie and he know that she like him. He got to her house and then he looked at house and he did not so he took out the walky-talky and called Paulina up to asked her which window is Susie. Paulina picked up and told him that her room is the last window on the right.
Therefore, he when to the last window on and he stuck his head in the room. He saw her seat on the chair next to her computer; she was updating her profile of his web site. Then he pulled his head out of her room then he knocked on her window. Then she opens her window and then she asked him what he was doing here? Then Danny told her that he was going around and visiting his fan club members. Continue reading
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Danny Phantom Porn Story: Bubble Bath

Danny Phantom Porn Story: Bubble Bath

The weather at Amity Park was anything but nice this blustry Febuary day. The temperature outside had to be below freezing and with the wind blowing, it might be even lower. But this wasn’t a problem for Sam Mancin. She was warm and cozy inside her mansion. In fact, she was surrounded by steam inside her bathroom. She had just filled her tub up with hot water and bubble bath, lavender scented of course. She slipped her towel off and sat in the hot water. Her tense mustles soon relaxed. She reached over and pushed play on her cd player that she kept in thier. The song that played was Stay My Baby. It was her favorite song to sing when she thought about her best friend, Danny.

“Summer love isn’t ment to be

and it’s only a fantasy, that’s what everyone’s tellin me
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Danny Phantom Porn Story: mothers needs

Danny Phantom Porn Story: mothers needs

“I’m home,” said Danny.

Danny didn’t get a response and Just looked around. He walked into the kitchen and raided the fridge for a soda. He was about to open it until he heard a light squeaking noise. He walked up the stairs and the squeaking got loader only this time moans were added to it.

He spotted that his mothers door was wide open and he peeked into the room and his eyes widened in shock. Maddie was on the bed with her ass in the air and three fingers inside of her pink pussy with her juices running down her legs.

Maddie nearly screamed as she came. “DANNY!” yelled Maddie.

Danny was shocked by this.

Warning Lemon

“Mom,” said Danny.

Maddie shot up and looked at Danny. Her form sweaty and her large glorious mounds staring at him. She pulled the cover over her naked form. Continue reading

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: shit happens chapter 8

Danny Phantom Porn Story: shit happens chapter 8

(With Dani and Danny)

They landed hard on their feet before spinning around and Turing ghost to get their assailant. Their assailant held up her hands as Dani grabbed her by the collar of her shit and hustled her in the air.

“Chill little girl! I’m not going to hurt you or Danny,” said Kitty with a laughed.

Kitty wore a pair of red shorts that gave a decent look at her ass, a black tank top, and her high heel boots.

Dani glared at her. “My name is Dani and NOT little girl,” said Dani letting Kitty go.

Danny sighed. “Kitty what the hell did you kidnap us for?” asked Danny.

Kitty shurrged. “I was board and I was feeling horny,” said Kitty.

Both Dani and Danny looked at her like she was crazy. “You brought us here because you wanted some cock!” Yelled Dani.

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: Shit happens – Chapter 7

Danny Phantom Porn Story: Shit happens – Chapter 7

(Land of Deserts- Desiree’s private Oasis)

Desiree stepped lightly on the hot sands as she made her way to the oasis. The sands had long ago stopped bothering her, but it was imprinted into her mind and her actions. Feather light touches for almost everything. A delicate outlook on the world at large. She removed her clothes and stepped into the waters before taking a swim to the large stone by the waterfall. She climbed out the water and wrung out her her before laying back on the rock and gazing at the sky.

It had been almost a week since she had returned to the human realm and with good reason. Ember and Spectra we’re both still in the world of the living. While she was as strong as either of them alone, even she would be hard pressed to beat them both without the added bonus her wish granting powers gave her. And that girl Thorn was a wild card if she’d ever seen one. Desiree was also starting to really long for love and a child. The People of her realm asked if she would soon chose a husband and sire an Heir. They had been asking her this for almost three centuries.

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: Delusion Angel

Danny Phantom Porn Story: Delusion Angel

Kapitel 1

– Von Sam’s POV Schriftliche

“Sam … Sam … Sam … Warum … Ich dachte, du ….Love mir … “
Dies waren die Worte hörte ich, nachdem ich von einem wecken Albtraum.

Ein Albtraum, dass Danny kam zurück.

“Danny ist tot. Face es, Sam. Er ist weg. Er brach einen Versprechen, Brach er einen Herz. “Ich sagte mir, als ich im Schneidersitz auf meinem Bett saß und Beinen fühlte Tränen fallen nieder.

Es war 3 Jahre her, seit Danny, links und ich erinnerte mich vor der Abreise, machte er ein Versprechen, er werde nie mich verlassen.

Aber jetzt ist alles, was links war ein gebrochenes Versprechen. Ich wartete dumm für den Tag, wenn Danny Fenton kam zurück, aber was ich im Gegenzug bekam, war ein toter Zertifikat von seiner Familie.

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: shit happens chapter 9

Danny Phantom Porn Story: shit happens chapter 9

(Maddie’s room- Sunday morning 6:00 a.m)

Danny was slowly steering from his sleep. He didn’t know why, but he felt like he had just woken form a thousand year sleep. He knew this feeling well as he had experienced it all of last week while Maddie was gone. Jazz and Jen had given him a lot of practice. As his mind left the land of grogginess he felt something warm and wet on his cock. Normally he would have thought Jen or Jazz was trying to wake him via blow job, but it couldn’t be. Danny opened his eyes and nearly screamed.

He and his mother lay in the bed naked, but the thing that freaked him out was that he was inside her and she was apparently riding him in her sleep. Danny felt her walls tighten as she came, he couldn’t help it and exploded inside of her.

Danny quickly scabbed out oh bed panting. “Oh Crap, oh crap, Oh crap. I banged my hot mom! What the fuck happened last night?” asked Danny.

He didn’t want an answer to that questions and got the hell out of the room!

Maddie awoke slowly and sat up. She put her hand on her head and shuck it. “I must be going crazy. Having dreams that involve me and Danny in those lewd positions,” said Maddie standing up and wincing as she felt sore between her legs and an intense satisfaction. Maddie sighed. She must have been fisting herself in her sleep like she had the first day at her sisters house.

“I need a shower. A cold one at that,” said Maddie.

(45 minutes later)

Maddie came down stairs in a pair of rock climbing shorts a gray tank top, and knee high socks. Maddie looked at the table and saw a good old feast of food. And Danny was finishing the eggs.

“Morning mom,” said Danny as he looked at her appearance.

Maddie smile. “Morning sweetie,” said Maddie kissing Danny on his forehead.

Danny shivered after Maddie did that. “Hungry Mom?” asked Danny.

Maddie walked over to the fridge. “Very. I haven’t been this hungry since my collage days,” said Maddie as she opened it and bent in just the right way to give Danny an excellent view of her ass and the thong she had on.

Maddie came out of the fridge with a carton of milk. “So where is Jazzy pants at?” asked Maddie

Danny shrugged. “She was up late studying and looking at colleges. She’ll be out for most of the day,” said Danny

AS they ate and talked the topic of sex somehow came up.

“So Danny have yo and Sam finally gotten to the deed of making me grand kids?” asked Maddie with a smile.

Danny blushed. “Mom! Like I’m going to tell you,” said Danny not at all comfertable on the subject of sex right now or ever with his parents


Maddie smirked. “But what about you and Jazz?” asked Maddie.

Danny blushed. “What are you talking about mom?” asked Danny.

Maddie pushed her chair out and walked over to Danny before lightly caressing his neck. Danny shivered as Maddie sat in his lap and blushed. Maddie kissed Danny and gripped his arms tightly as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Danny felt a tongue invade his mouth.

Danny raised Maddie up and put her on the table before grabbing her arms and pinning them on the table.

“Mom we can’t do this,” said Danny panting.

Maddie smirked. “Danny you’d fuck jazz and deny me my pleasure, besides I think you and I did get up to something last night,” said Maddie grinding her hips into Danny’s making him groan as his pants became slightly tight.

“What makes you say that mom?” asked Danny.

Maddie smirked and continued to smash her hips into Danny’s trying to get some pleasure. “I have two hickeys on my neck and right breast and my pussy was filled with cum. What I want right now is the roughest fuck I’ll ever get. Fuck me until I can’t walk straight, fuck me so that when I wake up I can’t even speck,” said Maddie her voice becoming seductive and her eyes glowing slightly.

Danny noticed this and tried to stop himself as he grabbed Maddie’s shirt and ripped it off of her. Then undid the zipper on her shorts. He pulled down his pants and didn’t wait to slam his large cock into her tight pussy.

Maddie arched her back and let out a scream of bliss from being filled again by her son. “OH DANNY!” yelled Maddie as she throw her arms around his neck.

Danny wanted to stop, but couldn’t as he continued to thrust into Maddie’s tight, slick pussy. He grabbed her right beast and squeezed it as hard as he could. Maddie screamed as her pussy tightened around Danny. This Triggered Danny’s release into her.


Danny pulled out of Maddie and went Ghost as she got off the table with her eyes glowing..

“What’s the matter Danny? Mama a little to much for you?” asked ‘Maddie’ with a smile

Danny raised his hands. “Whoever you are, whatever you are your not my mother!” said Danny.

Maddie’s mouth opened and a purplish cloud came out of her mouth and was connected to her. “Your right I’m not Maddie, yet am. I’m the control ghost. I can control and rewrite the emotions of others. When you came onto the scene 2 years ago I got scared. Others didn’t destroy me, because i can overshadow even ghosts,” said the ghost.

Danny smirked. “Yeah, but I don’t have that problem,” said Danny raising his hand with an ecto beam in it.

The Ghost got scared!” WAIT! If you destroy me you’ll forever be linked to her in a romantic way! Never again will you be mother and son!” yelled the Ghost

Danny growled. “Then get out of her body NOW!” yelled Danny.

The ghost laughed. “I can’t do that. Her emotions are so Delicious it’s addicting,” said The Ghost.

Danny frowned. “Then I guess it’s good-bye mother, hello Maddie,” said Danny blasting the Ghost into 100 pieces.

(an hour later)

Danny sat next to his mother as Jazz walked into the room. She jogged over to Danny and hugged him.

“Danny what happened to mom?” asked Jazz.

Danny sighed and went over the events that had Taken place. Jazz was slightly pissed that Danny had fucked Maddie twice within a 12 hour period, but quickly understood when the ghost was mentioned. Jazz looked at their mom and wanted to know if this crazy list of girls wanting Danny was ever going to end.

Danny felt his Ghost sense go off. “Going Ghost!” yelled Danny.

(Amity Park Museum)

Star fell down as people scrambled out of the Egyptian Exhibit. People would have never guessed that Star had a love of Mythology and Legends mostly Egyptian. They just fascinated her. The gods and the myths. It was mostly do to her father being a professor and his love of Egypt. She heard that the Museum of Amity had recently gotten an exhibit on artifices that belonged to ANUBIS or the High Priests of his temple.

She had been looking at a Egyptian sword when a group of Egyptian Mummies came into the room scaring people.

Star looked yup as One of them stood above her and brought it’s spear to her chest and was about to pierce her heart when the spear was grabbed. Star looked at the person who had stopped the spear.

“Phantom! Oh thank god for you!” said an Excited Star.

Danny looked at her. “You might want to get out of here Star this is going to get messy in a second,” said Danny.

Star looked at Danny like he was crazy. “I can’t leave the sword of ANUBIS!” yelled Star.

Danny lifted with all his might and throw the Jackal looking thing into a sarcophagus. He rounded on Star and grabbed her as a sword slashed were she had been standing.

“With is it about bookworms and old things!” asked Danny (1) ducking with Star close to his chest.

Star blushed as she could fill Phantom’s heartbeat. “But he’s a ghost. He shouldn’t have a heartbeat,” thought Star

Danny pushed Star behind him as a spear landed where she was. Danny looked up and counted. There were fifteen of them and Danny didn’t really feel up to cleaning house at the moment.

“Stay behind me and cover your ears,” said Danny.

The mummies jumped at Danny. Star covered her ears just as Danny unleashed his Ghostly Wail. This destroyed the Mummies taking about 1/3rd of Danny’s remaining energy. He started to pant, but held onto his powers knowing that a tiny slip up and his covers Danny Phantom was blown.

“Are you alright Phantom?” asked Star looking him over and checking him out.

Danny looked at her “Peachy Star,” said Danny standing straight as Star walked over to the mummies with Danny next to her. Danny frowned at them.

“What’s up with these things. Their not like normal Ghosts I fought before,” said Danny.

“They seemed to be almost alive in a way. Not like a normal Ghost or not like yourself. More along the lines of recent and no real powers,” said Star.

Danny raised an Eyebrow. “What do you mean like myself?” asked Danny.

Star blushed and looked away. “Well… When I was pressed against your chest I felt a heartbeat. I thought Ghosts were dead,” said Star.

Danny just looked at her. “Your half right Star. I’m have ghost DNA do to an accident,” said Danny clamping his mouth shut knowing that he pretty much just blew his cover to a person who didn’t like him.

Star looked at him with wide eyes. Star knew of only one person who had been in such an accident. “Fenton?” asked Star.

Danny sighed. He looked around making sure that there were no cameras or people. He spotted 5 cameras so stayed as he was.

“Yes it’s Me Danny Fenton, but you can’t say anything,” said Danny.

Star jumped up and down in a frenzy of fan girlishness. Danny Fenton was her number 1 hero Danny Phantom. “You can trust me. Scouts Honor,” said Star.

Danny’s eyes widened. “You were a Scout?” asked Danny.

Star stuck her tongue at him. “Wouldn’t you like to know Hero?” said Star.

Danny smiled”As amusing as this is can you tell me what those Mummies wanted?” asked Danny.

Star frowned. “They wanted the sword of ANUBIS,” said Star.

“Sword of ANUBIS?” asked Danny.

Star nodded and took him to the display case. Danny shivered as he got close. He felt a negative energy coming from the sword. It felt wrong. He looked closer at the blade and saw that it was pitch black with a red aura around it.

“Star do you see that Aura?” asked Danny backing up a bit.

Star looked at Danny. “I don’t feel a thing. Why should I?” asked Star.

“TIME OUT!” came clockworks voice freezing everything but Danny.

Young Clockwork appeared. “Hello Danny,” said Clockwork.

Danny looked at the Ghost of Time. “What’s going on clockwork. Why can I still feel the Aura of that sword?” asked Danny.

Clockwork looked at the sword as he became Adult Clockwork. “Because Danny a God is waking up,” said Clockwork

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: luckiest man alive chapter 1

Danny Phantom Porn Story: luckiest man alive chapter 1

Clockwork viewed the screens showcasing the multiple futures of his young charge with a smile on his face. With the deadliest threat to young Danny’s future safely contained within the confines of the battered Fenton Thermos beside him, a greater majority of futures seemed to hold more promise of happiness and peace rather than destruction.

All of a sudden, Danny’s futures began disappearing one by one. Clockwork sat up in alarm. In all his time as Guardian of Time, he had never encountered such an anomaly. He checked his instruments, but nothing seemed out of order.

“If it continues this way, young Danny’s future will be set in stone. What is causing this?” He was interrupted from his musings by a sudden blast from a trumpet. A portal appeared from behind him, and a cloaked ghost stepped out. Dressed much like Clockwork himself, but this one carried a trumpet and had a dark red complexion. His yellow eyes met with Clockwork’s, and Clockwork saw worry reflected in them.

“Herald. What brings you to visit me, brother?”

“I have some news, Clockwork. And it concerns a certain Daniel Fenton. Do you know him in this dimension?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. He is a young Halfa in this dimension whom I have taken under my wing. What of him?”

“Do you know who he will be with in the future? Romantically speaking?”

“A majority of possible futures point towards him and his best friend, a certain Ms. Samantha Manson. Why?”

Herald gestured toward the screens. Only one future remained now. “Are you sure of that, Clockwork?”

Clockwork took one look at the remaining future, and fell over in shock.

“WHAT IN BLAZES? B-b-b-but how?”

Herald grinned. “In alternate dimensions, young Mr. Fenton falls in love with other girls aside from Ms. Manson. Some time ago, an event occurred in this dimension that was of such magnitude temporal-wise that it sent shockwaves rippling throughout the other dimensions as well. When this temporal situation was finally contained, the dimensional power backwash retained certain consciousnesses and brought them here, returning them to their rightful owners dimension-wise here.”

“Say what?”

“When young Danny beat his evil self and sucked him into that Thermos, his evil self reached out to the other dimensions in a desperate attempt to avoid getting caught within. By doing so, he brought back the conscious emotions and feelings of five of his lovers, one of them being Ms. Manson in this dimension, from other dimensions to their respective owners here. That’s the reason why young Danny’s future became fixed.”

“So how can we fix this? What do we do?”

“Well, with luck, there should still be enough time to reverse the backwash before it becomes permanent and-” Herald was cut off as a violent shudder ran through both of them. They fell to their knees, gasping, the wind having been knocked out of the both of them.

“What… was… that?” Clockwork wheezed.

“That… was what I was hoping would not happen. That was a multidimensional aftershock, felt only by beings existing outside time and space, like us. I was too late. The backwash has become irreversible. Danny’s future is set in stone.” Clockwork grabbed his staff, but Herald quickly stopped him.

“Are you mad? That was a dimension quake, not a time quake. Should you try to reverse the sequence of events, you will rip apart reality itself!”

“So what can we do?”

“I shall return to the other dimensions and see if any negative effects have occurred. Meanwhile, you…” Herald grinned. “You get to sit back and watch your young charge become one of the luckiest men in existence.” Herald lifted the trumpet to his lips and blew out a long note. A portal appeared, and waving a last goodbye to Clockwork, he flew through it. Clockwork tsked in annoyance and then turned to the screen. Taking another look at Danny’s future, he started chuckling.

“Luckiest man in existence indeed…”

Elsewhere, in places both in and out of the Ghost Zone… Five girls started to dream. Should they perchance awaken afterwards and converse, they would all be shockingly disturbed to find their dreams having one common factor…


“Stupid guitar…” Ember MacLaine grumbled. She had been trying to tune the thing for the past half-hour, but she still couldn’t manage to get it to sound right. “Darn it! I’m a rock star; I’m supposed to know how to tune this stupid-“

Her sentence was finished abruptly as the string she was tuning suddenly snapped, flicking backwards and whipping her cheek. She nearly dropped the guitar as she shrieked, more in surprise than from pain.

“OWW! That does it! I’m gonna-“

“Hey, don’t get mad at the guitar! Although I must admit, you do look cute when you’re pissed.” A voice spoke up from behind her as two arms suddenly grabbed her into a huge hug.

“Shut it you. Would you rather I be pissed at you than at the guitar?” She tried to threaten him, but she could already feel the anger beginning to leave her.

“Not really.” He whispered into her ear, causing her to shiver in unexpected pleasure. He took notice of where the guitar string hit her face. “Maybe I should be mad at the guitar. Apparently it’s been trying to ruin something that I happen to find particularly beautiful.”

“Oh? And what would that be?” She said in a mock-angry tone, body already tingling in anticipation for what she hoped his answer would be.

“Your face…” He turned her head, gently kissing the spot where the string had hit her face first before kissing her fully on the lips. She hummed in pleasure before kissing him back. She opened her mouth and hmmm-ed again as she felt him deepen the kiss. After what seemed like hours, she felt him slowly pull away, making her involuntarily whimper for more. He chuckled and placed a kiss on her still slightly-stinging cheek.


“A bit. What about my guitar?”

He chuckled again. “Don’t worry,” he whispered in her ear again, this time in a huskier voice. “I’ll fix it later.”

“Damn you…” She whispered back in mock annoyance. “You know what you do to me when you whisper in MY ear using THAT tone…”

“Really? Why? What happens to you?” His tone was husky and teasing, and again he whispered it into her ear. “Don’t you like it?” He asked before nibbling on her earlobe. Ember felt her knees start to give way as another sensuous shudder ran through her body. He chuckled, and she growled. Turning around in his arms, she faced him.

“Damn you for making me fall in love with you, Danny Fenton.” She muttered before crushing her lips into his.

Ember woke up with a start. The details of the dream were still very much fresh in her head. She was breathing quickly and her pulse was racing. She raised a trembling hand to her lips. She started to smile. And then she remembered exactly WHO she had been kissing.

Her eyes widened.


So You Wish It, So It Shall Be…

“This girl’s up next. The bidding starts at 200 rupees.” Desiree hung her head as the coarse man took bids for her. She didn’t even bother anymore with trying to look good or trying to impress the bidders. Such was the life of a harem girl. Dimly she realized that the bidding was finished, and that she had been sold already. Her shoulders drooped and she let out a tired sigh.

“Start moving girlie! Your new master’s waiting!” One of the slave traders roughly pushed her shoulders. All of a sudden, a whip cracked, and the slave trader yelled out in pain. She looked up. Her new master was beside the stand, riding a white horse and brandishing a whip. He was wearing a cloak, with the hood pulled up so she could not see his face.

“You will not touch her.” His voice was firm and commanding. He turned to the man who had been taking the bids earlier. “Remove her shackles.” The stout man hurried to do as he was told, and moments later Desiree was rubbing her wrists in surprise. The man now turned to her.

“Come.” The man hoisted her by the waist and seated her in front of him. He tugged on the reigns and they were off.

When they were at a distance from the town, the man slowed down his horse and turned to Desiree. She was sitting up straight and looking to the front. He chuckled.

“I know you must be burning with curiosity to find out what your new master looks like, so I will not prolong your suffering any longer.” He lowered his hood, and Desiree looked up into the bluest eyes she had ever seen. The man was a bit younger than her, with black hair and an aura of kindness and warmth radiating from his face. The man laughed again, and gently closed her open mouth.

“So. Now that you have seen what I look like, perhaps you can tell your new master who you are?”

Desiree snapped back to reality and bowed her head in embarrassment. “My apologies, my master. My name is Desiree.”

“Desiree… Such a lovely name. But I suppose it is only fitting. The name must match the owner, and you, my dear, are quite beautiful.” Desiree felt herself blush. She bowed her head again.

“I am not worthy of such compliments, my Master.”

“Nonsense. You are beautiful, and that is the truth of it.” He brought up a hand to stroke her cheek, before bringing her face closer to his. “Very beautiful…” He murmured, before capturing her lips in a soft and gentle kiss.

Desiree’s body stiffened and she let out a gasp. When the man drew back from the kiss, he found her eyes brimming with tears. He wiped them away with his thumb.

“Desiree? What’s wrong?” Desiree covered her face with her hands as she started to cry.

“I… I h-have n-never b-b-been kissed with such… gentleness before…” She sobbed. “I… Master, a harem girl does not deserve such tenderness.”

“Shush.” The man clasped her by the wrists and slowly pulled her hands away from her face. “You are a harem girl, yes. But above all things, you are a human. And all humans deserve to be treated with love…” A kiss on her forehead. “Tenderness…” Another kiss on the tip of her nose. “And compassion.” And lastly, a kiss on the lips that turned Desiree into putty. She moaned. The man pulled away slowly again and then drew her closely to his chest.

“Desiree? Why is it that you have yet to ask me my name?”

“It is not my place to ask, my master. If you wish me to know your name, you will tell me so in time, when I have fully gained your trust and confidence.”

“Very well then.” He brought up one hand and tilted her chin to look him in the eye. “My name is Daniel.” He whispered before kissing her again.

Desiree’s eyes shot open. She ran over the details of the dream in her head. Blue eyes. Black hair. And that voice… Desiree felt her body give an involuntary shiver at the memory of that voice whispering in her ear. Blue eyes. Black hair. She would have to really try hard and remember who she used to know who fit that description. A smile lingered on her face as she closed her eyes.

Blue eyes…

Black hair…

And that voice…


Mirror’s Kiss

“Did you really think you could hide from me forever?” Vlad’s grip on Dani’s neck slowly tightened. “Foolish girl. You were one of my biggest mistakes, an annoying loose end that should have been tied up long ago. No matter, though. I intend to rectify that soon enough.” The charged ball of ectoplasma in his other hand grew bigger.

“Say goodbye to the world, daughter.”

“GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!” A high intensity ghost beam blasted Vlad from the side of the head and knocked him into the other room, causing him to let go of Dani’s neck. Instantly Danny had caught her and was giving her the once-over, his eyes filled with concern.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt? What did he do to you?”

She massaged her throat. “My neck’s a bit bruised, but I’ll be fine. Thanks for the save, Danny.”

“Anything for you, Dani.” She looked up and their eyes locked. Dani was a bit taken aback at the intensity she saw in his eyes. Slowly he raised a hand to cup her cheek and brought her face closer to his.

“Dani…” He whispered her name with such emotion that she felt herself shiver.

“Danny… I-” But Danny placed a finger to her lips, shushing her, before lifting his finger and replacing it with his lips.

Dani’s mind short-circuited as she melted into the kiss. In a haze, she barely realized that she had lifted her arms and was now running her hands through Danny’s snow-white hair. Dimly she heard a soft moaning sound and wondered where it was coming from. It took her a few seconds to realize she was the one making it. Danny slowly ran his tongue across her sealed lips, begging for access. She parted them, Danny’s tongue touched hers, and she forgot her name.

“What in the name of all that is ghostly is going on? ARE YOU FRENCH-KISSING YOUR CLONE?”

Danny broke away with an annoyed sigh and turned to Vlad. “She’s not a clone. She’s her own person. And yes, I was kissing her. Enjoying it, too. Now, please, you crazed-up fruit loop, leave me and my girl ALONE!” Danny’s last word turned into a full-blown Wail, so powerful it blasted Vlad straight out through the roof and to God-knows-where. He smirked, and then turned to Dani, who had her eyebrow raised.

“Your girl?”

He turned red and started stuttering. “Ah… Well… I meant… Err… That is…”

She started giggling and slapped him on the arm, before suddenly jumping on him, forcing him to bring up his arms and carry her bridal-style. She kissed him on the lips.

“Take me home.”

“Can’t we just fly together?”

“Punishment for the “my girl” thing. You haven’t even asked me out yet.”

“Ehehe… Right…” He kissed her back before flying out through the hole in the roof.

“Whoa… Weird dream…” Dani muttered, shaking her head. “I must be getting separation anxiety or something from being away from Danny for so long… I’m starting to dream about him in ways I shouldn’t… Geez… I’ve got to get back to Danny… Two years has been much too long a time.” Still shaking her head, the Halfa girl went ghost and started on her long trek back to Amity Park, trying to ignore the rising anticipation in her chest at the prospect of seeing Danny again.

All I Have To Do Is Dream…

“Danny! Where are you taking me?” Sam asked for the third time. And for the third time, Danny answered.

“It’s a surprise, Sam. Surprises are meant to be… surprising.”

“I know Danny, but being blindfolded and then carried off by my half-ghost best friend in the middle of the night is making me nervous! What are you planning on doing, kidnapping me and then ravishing me at some secluded spot?” Sam felt Danny shift a bit, and then when he spoke it was right next to her ear.

“Maybe.” He answered in a low and husky voice.

“Danny…” She was about to retort, but he cut her off.

“We’re here.” She felt him stop and then felt herself being laid down on something soft. The blindfold suddenly disappeared and Sam opened her eyes to stare into Danny’s blue orbs.

“So where’d you kidnap me to?”

“Look around.” She sat up, and immediately gaped at the sight that lay before her. She was sitting on top of a hill, with the entirety of Amity Park’s park in front of her. In the soft moonlight, the trees below took on an otherworldly tone.

“Wow… Danny…”

“Like the view? I come up here sometimes to think…”

“I love it Danny. So surreal. But why bring me up here?” Danny’s arms came around her and wrapped her in a crushing embrace. He pulled her close to him, and murmured into her hair.

“Because of earlier.”

That was it. Sam thought. Earlier that day they had been fighting a giant millipede ghost, and Sam had gotten wrapped by it and nearly crushed before Danny saved her. He must be just glad I’m okay.

“Sam… I… I can’t stand this anymore… I can’t do it. I’m giving up.”

“WHAT? You can’t stop being Danny Phantom! People need you! Amity Park needs you!”

“I wasn’t referring to that, Sammy.”

“Then what? And don’t call me SammMMPH!” She was cut off by his lips suddenly crashing into hers, kissing her with such passion and emotion that she had never felt during one of their fake-out make-outs. This was no fake-out make-out. This was an honest-to-goodness, I’m-madly-in-love-with-you kiss. When that thought hit her, she started kissing him back for all she was worth. After what seemed like an eternity, they both drew apart from lack of air. Danny laid his forehead on hers, and looked into her eyes.

“That little incident earlier made me realize just how dangerous our little job is… And although I’ve already accepted my responsibility, as well as the fact that you’d beat me to Kingdom Come if I ever tried to forbid you from going with me… I just won’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t let you know just how much I care for you… How much you mean to me… Sam…”

He’s going to say it. After all this time, he’s finally gonna say those three words I’ve always wanted to hear…

“I love you, Samantha… I love you so much it hurts…”

Sam’s eyes slowly opened as a huge smile covered her face. Another Danny dream

Disturbing Psychological Discoveries

She tip-toed silently into the room. He would be awake, she knew that, but it was better to be quiet. For the sake of others who might hear, who would not approve of what they were doing, regardless of the fact that they loved each other. She slowly opened the door and crept into the room, making her way over to the bed. Although the lights were out and she could barely make out the person lying on the bed, she could feel his eyes on her, watching her every movement.

She lay down on one side and let out a sigh of pleasure as an arm came up and wrapped around her, drawing her closer to him. A voice whispered into her ear, sending shudders down her spine and causing her to purr in contentment.

“I love you. You know that, don’t you?”

Hearing those words from him always melted her inside. He said it with such feeling, such passion, and every time he said it, she always got goosebumps. Each and every single time.

“I love you too.” She whispered back. “Even if society won’t allow us to be together.”

“Shh…” His hug tightened. “Let’s not think about that now…” He turned her around so she was facing him and captured her lips in a searing kiss. He broke away briefly and muttered “I need you… I want you…” before kissing her again with even more passion. She responded with as much fervor, grabbing the back of his head and deepening the kiss. Her tongue snaked out and dueled with his for dominance. She moaned into his mouth as her hands started roaming around his body. He chuckled.

“Eager, aren’t we?” She responded with a growl, causing him to chuckle further. He suddenly slipped his hand into her pajama bottoms. His chuckling increased. “No panties, princess?” She was about to retort when he suddenly slid a finger into her. She lost all vestiges of coherent thought as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

“D-Danny…” She moaned out as he started moving the finger in and out of her. “Oh God… Danny…”

“Shush, princess. Let me take care of you tonight.” He added another finger in her, as his other hand and mouth latched onto her breasts. She writhed in pleasure as her hips started thrusting upwards to drive his fingers deeper into her.


Jazz’s eyes snapped awake. She looked down. One of her hands had already made its way inside her pants while she was asleep, and she could feel exactly how wet that dream had made her. Her nipples were stiff, and she could feel her entire body temperature was up by a few degrees. She quickly drew her hand out of her pants. Her first fully-erotic dream, and she was dreaming of her brother! Her younger brother! God, how sick and wrong was THAT!

“I need more sleep. All this late-night studying is driving my mind to think distracting and disturbing things.” She glanced at the psychology book on the desk near her bed. Not Child’s Play: An Anthology on Brother-Sister Incest by Risa Shaw. “And my assignment topic is not helping matters.” That was it. She was getting too much into her studies, and they were leaking out into the part of her brain responsible for dreaming. She looked back at the desk. The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud.

Or maybe my dreams are expressions of my unconscious incestuous desires for my brother. After all, when he goes ghost, that spandex suit doesn’t really hide anything, and his body’s becoming more and more defined from all that ghost fighting he’s been doing… WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING? Jazz snapped out of her thoughts. She noticed that her hand had been inching back into her panties while she had been thinking about her brother in that tight black jumpsuit. She shook her head.

Yep. Definitely not enough sleep.

Damn you for making me fall in love with you, Danny Fenton…

My apologies, my Master. My name is Desiree…

Your girl?

Danny! Where are you taking me?


“HOLY SHIT!” Danny sat up straight in bed, sweat pouring off his body as he woke up from one of the weirdest dreams he had ever had. The entire dream was a bunch of scenes, moments, and in each one he had been kissing or professing his love for a girl. That would have been normal, as Danny was sixteen and could pass it off as raging hormones. But five different scenes with five different girls? What the hell? And that last one… Danny wasn’t sure, as the memory of the dream was getting fuzzier, but he thought he had been hearing Jazz’s voice scream out his name… in pleasure. He shook his head.

“This half-ghost thing is starting to get to me.” He muttered before falling back onto his pillow.

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