Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Avatar Off the hook Medicine – Chapter Four

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Avatar Off the hook Medicine – Chapter Four

(Fenton Home)

Jen slowly awoke to the soft snores of Jazz. She felt Jazz’s hands around her waist and the sun on her back. She slowly opened her eyes and turned around to look out of the window. She reached down and grabbed her phone from her skirt pocket and flipped it open

Jen sighed it was only 6:00 a.m. Since they didn’t have to return to school till Monday and she planned to spend the whole weekend with the Fenton siblings and hopefully get Danny to do her or jazz. Or both of them at once. Jen shivered at the thought of Danny pounding into her, and then Jazz with her watching.

Jen got out of the bed and pulled on a gray tank top, thigh high white socks, and a pair of black boy shorts. She pulled her hair into a braid. She looked at herself in the mirror and liked the way she looked. She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen before she started to cook breakfast. Jen loved to cook. Her grandfather loved her cooking. In fact she was so good that she had gotten a scholarship to a Cooking collage that wasn’t more then a 7 hour drive from Amity.

While she was wrapped in her thoughts she didn’t even realize that she was almost done cooking. So far she had made, bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes (with Blueberries for Danny and strawberries for Jazz), toast, assorted fruits, and a jug of milk and a jug of Orange Juice.

“What smells so good?” came the sleepy voice of Jazz.

Jen smiled, before she turned and kissed Jazz. She pulled back and gave jazz a once over. Jazz wore a tight blue shirt and tight black shorts.

“Morning Jazzy,” said Jen.

“Morning Jennifer. Is Danny up yet?” asked Jazz.

Jen nodded. “He went into the bathroom right after me,” said Jen sitting out the table.

Jen put three plates on the table. She sat down as Danny walked into the room.

“Morning Jazz, Morning Jen,” said Danny sitting down on the table.

“Morning Danny,” said Jazz smiling at Danny.

Jen blow Danny a kiss. “morning Handsome,” said Jen.

They sat down and ate in a comfortable silence. After eating Jazz and Danny did the dishes while Jen went to the living room and turned on the TV. She took a DVD of Wanted and popped it in. She made it to the part where Fox was beating the hell out of Will when Danny walked into the living room.

Jen looked at Danny. “Where is Jazz Danny?” asked Jen.

“She said she was going to take a shower and get ready for the day,” said Danny sitting down and leaning back.

Jen smirked and climbed into Danny’s lap. “Then we got about 45 minutes to play,” said Jen kissing Danny.

Danny’s hands found their way to her waist and pulled her back a little. Anyone else would have kept going. “Come on Jen. What about Jazz?” asked Danny.

Jen gave Danny a cool gaze that chilled even his bones. “I like Jazz, Hell I love her. She has feelings for me she just has a hard time expressing them. She loves you too. Not in the sense of a sister loving her little brother, but as a woman loving a man. I don’t mind sharing, but if I have to share then i’m going to be fucking both of you. And I’m telling you now, you Daniel F. Fenton are going to fuck me now! Your going to pound my pussy until I can’t walk right for the next two weeks,” said Jen.

Danny just looked at her. “For some odd reason what you said really turned me on,” said Danny.

Jen jast gave him a sexy smirk. “Then do something about it handsome,” said Jen

Warning lemon.

Jen grabbed Danny and kissed him hard on the lips. Danny returned the kiss, but grabbed her ass in both hands. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into Danny’s a battle of tongues ensued as Jen’s hands went to Danny’s shorts. Her left hand slipped into Danny’s shorts and she blushed felling how hung he was.

She pulled away and gave him a smile. “Well what do we have here. You feel like your 9 inches,” said Jen as she pulled out Danny’s cock.

Danny smirked at her “9 inches and counting,” said Danny.

Jen smirked and got off the couch before removing her top and boy shorts, leaving her in only her socks. Jen got back in her position hovering above Danny’s cock before she lowered herself onto it. Jen slowly Sank onto Danny’s cock all the while letting out a loud moan of pleasure. Finally after a few long seconds she was on his cock. She throw herself forward and hugged Danny tightly as she slowly started to bounce on his hugh cock. She had had Jazz fuck her with a strap on before, but having a big piece of real meat inside her was so much better.

Danny Groaned as his thrusts started to meet Jen’s bounces. She was so wet and tight around his member and her breasts were hypnotic to him. Danny reached out and grabbed her left breast, while he sucked on the right one. Jen moaned into Danny’s Ear with each thrust into her.

Danny smirked as he stood up, sending his cock deeper into Jen making her cry in pleasure as she came. Jen rested her head on Danny’s shoulder.

“Damn that was so fucking good,” said Jen in the afterglow of her orgasm

Danny kissed her. “We’re not done yet,” said Danny as he grabbed a tight hold of her ass and started to walk.

Jen Moaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around Danny’s waist as he walked over to the stairs. Jen’s eyes widened and before she could say anything he started to walk up the stairs. Jen moaned in pleasure. Each step Danny took filled her with blissful pleasure. Jen lost count of How Many times she came, until she found herself out on a bed, Jazz’s bed.

“Fucking in jazz’s bed. I like that idea Danny,” moaned Jen

“Then you’ll like this better,” said Danny as he pounded into Jen’s tight pussy.

Jen throw her head back as her core was heating up hotter then a supernova. Sweat covered them as they went on and on. Jen lost track of time, until she tightened around Danny like a vice and yelled as she came once more. Danny Followed suit and came inside her with a grunt of satisfaction. Danny pulled out of Jen as she panted.

He came a lot. I hope that I don’t get pregnant from this,” thought Jen as she was flipped over.

Jen turned and looked at Danny. “What are you doing?” asked Jen as Danny rubbed his dick up and down her ass cheeks.

“I always liked the way your ass jiggled. Now I’m about to fuck it,” said Danny.

Jen’s eyes widened in shock. “You wouldn’t Da…,” started Jen as Danny slowly entered her ass.

Jen let out a moan of pain and pleasure. Danny had just popped her black cherry. He started to slowly thrust into Jen with long, hard thrusts, but slowly as it became pure pleasure the pace was killing her.

“Danny, please pound into my ass!” yelled Jen.

Danny seemed to obey as he started to thrust into Jen like he was a running bull. As this was happening Jen had gained a ‘Fucker silly’ look on her face. She fell forward clutching the sheets in her right hand as her left hand worked to simulate her pussy. Danny reached out with his left hand and smacked her hard in the ass. Jen yelled in pain, but oddly wanted to to do it again.

“Please punish me!” yelled Jen

“Alright Jennifer,” said Danny as he started to smack her ass.

He gave her ass a few more smacks, before she clamped down on his cock almost painfully tight as she came. Danny gave Jen a few more hard thrusts before he pulled out of her ass and sprayed his seed on her her ass and lower back.

“That was, just…,” started Jen

Danny looked at her with a smirk.” I know. To bad jazz wasn’t here,” said Danny as he stood up and was about to walk out the door only to see Jazz there with a buzzed look on her face.

Danny got a good look at Jazz. She only had a towel on and knew what he wanted her to do. Danny walked up to jazz and pushed her to the wall while removing her towel and kissed her. Jazz went weak in the knees as Danny kissed her. She had wanted this for so long and she was about to get it. Danny lined up with her dripping core and plunged into her with one hard thrust. Jazz screamed. Jen had taken her hard, before, but this was so much different.

Danny didn’t Give jazz time to ajust to his size as he thrust into her. Jazz could only yell Danny’s name as Jen had unleashed a beast and he was going to finish with her. Danny grabbed her leg and lifted it into the air by the knee as he thrust into her. Jazz moaned.

“Danny! Harder! YES! OH GOD DANNY!” yelled Jazz as he lifted her other knee.

Jazz knew she was now well and totally screwed after she came the first time. The second time took her nearly 20 minutes of sweaty, hot sex, before they both came hard. Danny pulled out of Jazz and carried her over to the bed. He climbed into the bed between Jazz and Jen as all three drifted off to sleep.

Lemon End

As the three slumbered they didn’t notice a female ghost with green hair stareing at them with a blush and soaked panties.

(3 hours later)

Jazz felt a bit off. For some reason she felt sore, between her legs, but really good. She also felt that her pillow was hard as a stone, but comfortable. She opened her eyes and looked down and smiled. She was on Danny’s chest, while Jen had her hand on his chest and her head in the crook of his neck.

Jazz got out the bed and winced, before she grabbed some clothes and went to the shower. The shower was quick. Only about 5 minutes. She walked out of the bathroom wearing a blue jean skirt, and a black tank top with the words ‘SEXY GENUIS’ on the front.

She went to her room and heard a loud moan. She walked in and saw Jen bouncing on Danny’s lap with the covers over them. She saw Jen shutter and knew that she had cum and that most likely meant that Danny had cum inside of her.

“Are you two horny fuckers done?” asked Jazz as Jen got out of the bed.

Jen was sweaty and had her and Danny’s mixed juices running down her legs. “I couldn’t help myself baby. He’s just so damn addicting,” said Jen.

Jazz shuck her head at them.

(30 minutes later)

After Danny and Jen had taken their showers (Separately of course). The three of them sat in the living room trying to figure things out. Jen wore a pair of tight black short shorts, and a teal shirt, while Danny hand on a pair of white windbreaker pants, and a black muscle shirt.

Jen looked at her two lovers with a smile as she tried to figure out what to do next. Jen had been scheming to to make Danny and Jazz hers since she had met the two Fenton Children. Jen was an Orphan who lived off the inheritance of her deceased mother and Father. Her mother had been a Modal from Russia, while her father had been a partner/ co-owner for company that made Military Software and hardware. They were contracted by the US Army.

After her parents had died in a plane crash she had been shipped off to live with her Grandfather in Russia. She spent the next 3 years there before moving back to America with her Grandfather at 13. That’s where she met Jazz, and Jen knew at that moment she had to make Jazz her prominent lover. When she first met Danny, she knew that she wanted… no needed the Fenton siblings to be her lovers. Alas it was not meant to be at the time so she hopped from one girlfriend to another, while always thinking of Jazz and Danny. When she and Jazz had first made love at 14 Jazz said it was a one time thing.

And it was, at least until Jazz came crawling back to her after her boyfriend at the time dumped her a week later for a piece of ass named Julie. That was when Jen realized that jazz was hers and she needed to start work on Danny.

The fact that Jazz was in love with her own brother was an added bonus to the package.

Danny took a drink of his soda as he looked at the two girls before him. He only had two thoughts on his mind. The first was how great the sex with them was. Despite the fact he had been a virgin only a few hours ago Jen had set him right, and Jazz was a hell of a lover, the second thing on his mind was the way Jen had always acted around him.

When he first met her he thought of her as a big sister, but as time passed she started to act a bit differently. Walking around the house in her undergarments, leaving the bathroom door unlocked, and the one time he caught Jen and jazz making out downstairs.

That had been the best. He still had the video somewhere.

“I hate to ask, but how are we going to make this crazy ass relationship work?” asked Jazz.

Jen smiled. “I know how i’m going to handle it,” said Jen licking her lips and winknig at Danny and Jazz.

“Jen this is serious. If it were you and me it would be fine. You and Jazz would catch heat from the Society, but it would cool down after a few weeks, but Me and Jazz that would raise to many questions and we’d have a freaking leech mob after us,” said Danny.

Jazz sighed. “Danny’s right. It’s to damn troublesome. And as much as I want you both I can’t have you both,” said Jazz.

Jen just smiled. “For a sexy genius you sure can be a dumb bitch,” said Jen.

Jazz gave her a mock glare. “What do you say slut?” asked jazz.

Jen got up and walked over to jazz and sat in her lap before kissing her and rubbing her hands though her hair. Danny was enjoying the show, before Jen pulled away and gave the same treatment to Danny.

“No one has to know about what we do. If people found out I’d still fuck you both and tell the world to kiss my plump ass,” said Jen.

Danny smirked at her. “Well remember your mine now and I don’t want anyone other then Jazz touching you,” said Danny as he kissed her and left.

Jazz watched as Danny left the house, before she bit her lip. Jen picked up on this almost instantly.

“What’s wrong hun?” asked Jen.

“There’s something I got to tell you Jennifer,” said Jazz.

(With Kitty)

Kitty rode down the street in Don’t fuck with me mood. Her new bike was tearing apart the road. Her bike was a green and red 2003 Suzuki G-stinger. She was pissed off beyond all hell. It wasn’t at Danny for sleeping with that cheap Barbie doll, it wasn’t even at his sister or said barbie. It was more directed at herself for not taking her chance to get with Danny when she had her shot. She took a slide around a corner and hit her brakes as She pulled a doughnut and stopped. She got off her bike and removed her helmet. She got off of it and sat down at a near by bench.

She looked around for a minute, before reaching out and grabbing something by it’s throat. It turned visible reviling Danny.

“You know stalking is against the law?” asked Kitty letting Danny go as he took a seat next to her.

“So is tearing up the road, breaking and entering, oh lets not forget peeping,” said Danny making Kitty blush.

“You knew I was there?” asked Kitty crossing her arms.

“Not really. I didn’t know until I was about to go to sleep,” said Danny.

Kitty blushed. She thought she had been stealthy. “Alright. “Sorry for spying on you and those other girls,” said Kitty.

Danny sighed. “Sorry if I made you mad Kitty. I didn’t mean to make you mad,” said Danny.

Kitty giggled. “you didn’t make me mad. I made myself mad. I should have jumped your bones when I had the chance,” said Kitty.

Danny smirked at her. “We can fix that,” said Danny.

Kitty laughed and playfully hit him on his arm. “your such a bad boy,” said Kitty.

Danny kissed her lightly as she kissed him back. “And your my good little kitten,” said Danny.

Kitty smiled when Danny said this. With Johnny it always sounded forced and unture, but Danny was as truteful as honest Abe.

“As tempting as that is I have to go. I will come by tonight so be ready for a long one,” said Kitty getting up and hoping on her bike.

Danny looked at Kitty as she rode off. “Have I become a man-whore?” asked Danny to no one but himself.

(In Clockworks Zone)

Clockwork sat on the right side of a chessboard, Clockwork was probably one of the oldest Ghosts in existence. He stood at 6’3″ in his current form, broad shoulders, blue skin, red eyes with a scar under the right eye, wearing a purple robe, with the mechnoics of a clock in his chest/stomach.

Recently his visions had become blocked and he wanted to know why. That lead to qustions that lead to no true answers.

Why was his vision clouded?

Who was evil enough to block his sights?

And How was Daniel involved?

He looked at the board in relative ease. The clear pieces represented the white, while the fog gray represented the black, the darkness that clouded his sight. Clockwork picked up the king piece for the clear pieces. It was a replica of Danny He sat him down, before moving to the queen piece. This one brought a question as well.

“Why was this girl the Queen and not Samantha?

The bishops were Tucker and Sam. The advisers to the king. Next came the knights. A surprising Duo Wulf and an unknown entity that would be revolved in time. The last two important spaces were left blank at this time, but like everything else it would be reveled.

That just left the fog gray side. He could make out the figure of Plasumuas as the rook, but if he was the rook, who was the king? To many unknowns to make a valid conclusion. Clockwork looked to the Thermos that had a face in it that also had several magical protections around it.

“What do you think Dan?” asked Clockwork.

The Thermos was silent for several seconds, before a dark chuckle was heard. “I could be the king you know. I could lay waste to the entire world in a heartbeat,” said Dan.

“Yes, but even you aren’t powerful enough to cloud my all seeing eyes,” said Clockwork as he looked at the board.

“That still leaves the Million Dollar question my friend who is the king?” said Dan.

“That is the right question,” said Clockwork.

(Sunday Night)

Jazz sat in her room after a nice, long shower. Danny was on potoral with Tucker as Sam was busy at the moment and Jen would be back within the hour. Sometimes jazz hated the fact that Jen had a car, but that wasn’t what she really wanted to get into.

Not to long ago, Tucker on her request had hacked Vlad’s computers to see if he had anything big planned. While he didn’t get any of he plans he did get a heavily encrypted file. He had forwarded it to Jazz after almost a week of trying to creak it. This is where jazz came in.

While jazz wasn’t as good as Tucker she was good enough to finish opening it. She was almost done. The computer pinged and she smiled.

Jazz looked at the File.

Project Eclipse

As the files started to show up Jazz’s eyes widened as she started to read. At least until the last file came up. Jen walked into the room at that moment and looked at a teeth grinding Jazz.

“Bad porn I take it?” asked Jen.

(Monday- 1st period)

Danny sat in the back of the class with tucker trying to catch some zzz’s. He had been on patrol for damn near 8 hours last night and just wanted to catch a break, but Mr. Lancer had to be a spoil spot.

“Class we have a new student starting here today. Please welcome Miss Danielle Thompson,” said Lancer.

The door opened and Danny looked up when he heard Sam and Tucker gasp. Danny’s Jaw dropped at the sight.

Standing before him was a 16 year old version of his clone/cousin Danielle Phantom/ Thompson. Danielle stood at 5’3″, hourglass figure with c-cup assets that would give Paulina a run for her money, long black hair pulled into a ponytail and her bangs framed her face well with the middle bang being dyed blue, ice blue eyes, a heart shaped face with ruby red lipstick on her face, wearing a long sleeve white shirt that stopped just above her stomach, a blue, short-sleeve zip-up hoodie over it, red hip-hugger jeans, blue and white shoes, a pair of silver loop earrings, and a red hat turned backwards.

She looked at Danny and smirked. “Long time no see Danny,” said Dani.

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