Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Reunions – Chapter 14

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Reunions – Chapter 14

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14. Plans failed

The twins, meanwhile, had made their way into the house. The chilling air send shivers down their backs and there were weird sounds everywhere. The torches on the walls did little to enlighten the empty, creepy halls. Suddenly the ringing a bell of Vlads grandfather clock echoed through the corridors and caused Max and Theo to jump.

Shhh! Max hissed as he snuck around another edge.

The next hallway decorated with armors and expensive looking paintings. There was only one door at the end of the corridor but then both kids felt the temperature of the room drop even lower than before.

Maxi, I think there is a g-g-ghost around. Remember what mommy always said? Ghosts let the air f-f-freeze. Theo exclaimed, still shivering.

Uh oh. They both said in union.


The two of them started to run towards the only escape route but it was cut of by a person in the shadows stepping in front of it.

AAHHH!!! the twins yelled in terror but when the figure stepped forward into the light they saw the familiar face of

Danielle! Max shouted in relieve.

Shh! Be quiet or Vlad is gonna hear us. Cmon we gotta find a save place to talk. Danielle whispered urgently and pushed the twins back the hallway into a room that turned out to be the closet.

Creating an ecto-orb for light Danielle eyed the kids suspiciously. She had a feeling this was not going to end well.

What were you two doing there? You didnt even know were this door would lead, did you? she inquired slightly annoyed.

We were searching for Danny. Mommy didnt want us to help them so we went to rescue him on our own. Max explained.

But what if Vlad would have found you? You would have made Dannys problems even worse!

But he didnt, did he? And what were you doing here anyway? Max asked angrily.

I errr searched for a way to get around here without being noticed. Danielle lied quickly.

Truth was: she went searching Danny for herself, too. But she had ghost powers. That made a huge difference, right?

Yeah, right., Max said, not sounding convinced at all, Well, if you dont mind we will now continue our search for Danny!

No! Wait! Danielle shouted but it was too late.

Max grabbed Theo who had just starred at the two in awe the whole time and started running in a random direction. In retrospect maybe that wasnt such a great idea because just when they left the chamber Walker and his goons appeared in the hallway and as soon as they spotted them they started firing beams with their restraining sticks. Luckily they missed but then Skulker and Bullet phased through the floor capturing the children who screamed in horror as they were put in a net and dragged away from Danielle who was still hiding in the chamber.

Oh man, she muttered, I gotta tell the others!

She was about to leave her hiding spot when another guard passed by.

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