Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Sub Tormentor Plasmius Chapter 1

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Sub Tormentor Plasmius Chapter 1

Danny! Sam cried,
bursting into the ghost fighting teens room.

What! Danny
shouted back at his best friend. Or, in retrospect, one of his
best friends, not to mention who he had a crush on.

Sam froze when she saw
his facial expression. What happened to you.

First, did Tucker


Is the city on


Any ghost


Why didnt you say
so? And why didnt my ghost sense go off? Danny yelled.

He transformed into his
ghost form, his raven black hair turning white; his ice blue eyes
turning an electric green; his t-shirt and jeans turning into his
black and white suit with the big D logo on it.

Sam said, Plasmius
is in the Nasty Burger.

Danny looked at her.
You went to the Nasty Burger?

Tucker and I were

Wait, on a date?

No, Danny, she
sighed, exasperated. Why in the world would I date Tucker? The
dude is practically married to his technology stuff.

Yeah, but-

Danny, there is
nothing, I repeat, nothing, going on between me and Tucker. Now go.

Danny took off, and Sam
sighed. Suddenly a hand clasped around her waist and her mouth.

My dear girl, you
didnt think you could send Danny to the exact right place,
did you dear girl? the man laughed. Samantha, you are really-

Sams eyes narrowed.
She lifted her foot and kicked him in the groin. She ran to the

DANNY! she
screamed at the top of her lungs. The ghost boy turned, and then saw
Sam fall to the ground.

Sam! he yelled,

Then he heard
Plasmiuss voice. Daniel, dear boy, you must find Samantha. You
have five days before she becomes prisoner to me forever.


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