Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Your Highness Danny Phantom – Chapter Ten

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Your Highness Danny Phantom – Chapter Ten

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in Ch 9: The Morning-
Dannys super strength was discovered
by Dash and his gym teacher during gym when he had tried to hide too
much of it and when the gym teacher was trying to prove it. Dash had
tried to prank him by pushing the weigh stick up to 150 pounds, and
Danny pulled it, thinking that it was only 1 pound. Mrs. Tesslaff and
Dash forced him to agree to try out for the football team a week from




10: The Fight and The Delegates

Presidents office, the day before)

I informed the leaders of England, Britain, Spain, France, Italy,
Germany, Korea, Australia, China, Mexico, Canada, and the rest of the
United Nations. Is there anyone that I could have missed? I really
dont want to start an international crisis just because I didnt
inform someone in time. I hope that Danny will not be too angered by
me. They did swear to keep it quiet until he feels ready. Although, I
am not sure about this. Some of them may try to find a way around it
anyway. At least half of the kingdoms that I just named, if not all
of them, want to name him their King, Leader, President, etc. And
they cant do that without announcing his human name. I guess that
I will have to wait and see what happens and maybe just stick in
the Guys in White to protect him again. Yes. Ill get them started
tomorrow. For now, we both need a break.


Period, Mr. Lancers room)

Sam, and Tucker were sitting in their usual spots in Mr. Lancers
class. Danny staring out the window and dreaming of the movie
marathon that they were planning on, Sam staring at Danny as he
stared out the window, and Tucker secretly playing on his PDA with
the occasional glance at his two best friends and rolling his eyes
accompanied with the usual clueless love-birds being mouthed
out to Valerie who was on the other side of the classroom. Suddenly
the ordinary, normal classroom was interrupted, as usual for the
trio, by the loud-speaker.

Daniel James Fenton please report to the office? It announced.
Great. What did I do this time? Danny thought as he walked out
of class and headed toward the office, not catching Sams worried

opened the door and saw eight men in black waiting in the room to his
right. They looked to be of multiple ethnicities and were glaring at
each other. He turned to the left and saw Agents K and X!

Fenton, or shall we say Phantom? Agent X said with a smirk. He
must have seen Dannys panicked look and how he looked throughout
the room. Oh. Dont worry. Our division has been converted to
the protection of Phantom. In other words, you. The principal was
force to leave this room because this is very confidential for your
benefit. These are representatives from other countries that wish to
formally speak with you

snapped out of his shocked state. I have no idea what you are
talking about. I am weak and pathetic. Just ask any of my classmates.
There is no way that I am Danny Phantom. He lied, very badly.

looked shocked and just shrugged. Dont try to lie to us. We
figured it out by the blood that you forgot about on the street with
your fight with that mechanical ghost. I knew that I was
forgetting something there! Someone must really hate me up there.
Like I dont have enough people guarding me.

so. If you know of this secret, do you know any of my ugh
other major secrets? Danny asked very smoothly (not!). Everyone in
the room cocked their eyebrows.

I dont think so. What do you mean your other major secrets?
Agent K said curiously.

never mind. So what did you want to talk about? Danny asked. Like
it wasnt hard enough to lead a double life when I was invisible,
but now I have
3 identities to keep, and
2 different species keeping a close eye on me, both not knowing at
least one secret identity that the other does, and only Jazz, Sam,
and Tucker knowing them all. As well as most of the world knowing
only my ghost part. How much more complicated can my life get?!…
Wait! Erase that last thought! Nooooo!!!!!!!! I just jinxed myself
again. Grrrrr.

snapped out of his thoughts when he saw everyone looking at him
curiously for the prolonged silence.

what did you say? He asked again awkwardly.

they had said in summary was that they wanted to elect and/or name
you as the future leader or heir to their kingdoms or nations.
Agent K summarized for him.

in the world would you want that? Danny said laughing. I would
make a horrible world leader. As you can see for yourselves, I zone
out pretty easily.

sir. You did unite the entire planet for the first time in the
history of mankind without any method except words, saved Earth from
total destruction, and protected a town for 2 years before hand as a
teenager even when everyone hated you, united two different species
An Asian diplomat began to list.

THAT! Danny yelled. The diplomats looked shocked.

do you mean besides that? One of them asked him. I dont
know anyone who had such a noble list of actions. Not even old

Danny countered, looking seriously annoyed. I am sure that many
people besides me would have done the same thing in my position.

delegates and the Guys in White just looked at him, dumbfounded.

Danny asked. Anyway, its not like I want anyone else using me
as their king for ridiculous reasons. I have enough problems as
it is without adding this in. He said under his breath.

Everyone else said.

nothing. Danny quickly covered. Unless you can think of a real
reason for me to become half of the worlds king/president, I
really dont want to accept this.

else could we tell you?! They chorused at him, exasperated to the
point of losing their composure. Danny barely held in his laughter.
Politicians chorusing? This I have to tell Sam and Tucker.

need to get back to my friends. Sixth period is almost over. Danny
said. Oh, and could you guys keep this a secret and go back home?

sir they answered. Oh no. I recognize that tone. I hope they
arent going to say what I think they are going to say. I better
get out of here quick.
He reached for the handle and one of
them spoke up.

I wish to stay here until you change your mind. The other
politicians looked at him.

immediately told him different things that basically fell along the
lines of If he gets to stay and try to change your mind, then we
get to as well.

sighed. No. I want to be left alone.

K gave him a sheepish look. Sorry Danny, but they are the
representatives of the almost all of the worlds nations. If they
want to stay, or fight over who gets to name you their nations
leader or for your favor to their preferred nations, then they can.
They have diplomatic immunity. Shit! He just jinxed it!

sure enough

reminds me one of the diplomats began

would like to call in some of the National Guard to Another

you safe until you decide. It is the least my nation can do for you
Another finished. They looked at each other and began arguing about
which nation could guard him. Wow. Its like they were all
thinking the same thing. Well I guess they were.

Definitely not! Danny said, but it was lost in the heightening
adult argument. GUYS! He yelled into the chaos.

of the heads turned his direction.

You may guard me. But you are going to have to cooperate, maybe one
or two guards from each nation all working together. Keep it small,
keep it quiet, and stay out of sight and dont interfere with my
life! Neither my parents, nor anyone else but my sister and best
friend, know that I am Phantom, and if they find out from anyone of
you or your guards, I am never going to go to your countries! I want
to tell them on my own time. Danny looked at them all square in
the eyes. Is that clear?!

SIR! They answered. Sheesh. Its like theyre in the

you have any questions, ask Samantha Manson, Tucker Foley, or Jasmine
Fenton in secret, and if they dont know the answer, they will pass
it on to me. You may also ask me if you want, but make sure that no
one sees. He informed them as he grabbed the door handle. Now I
really need to get back to them before they get really worried
because the bell just rang, so bye!

He ran out of the room just as he began to feel a clawing sensation
again. I really didnt expect that to happen.


the Hallway close to the front of the school, everyones [mainly
Dannys] POV)

do you think Danny got into trouble for this time? Sam asked

dont really know. Not many ghosts have appeared, and for all I
know, Danny hasnt done anything yet. Tucker answered. I am
sure that we will find out soon

very nauseated Danny appeared on his right, cutting him off.

have got to really learn how to control that. Its really painful,
and I cant keep disappearing and appearing in front of random
people. Danny said as he rubbed his head. Im lucky that no
one but you, Sam, and Jazz have ever seen that.

is an awesome new power man. Im sure youll get used to it.
Tucker said positively as they headed for their lockers. Anyway,
what happened to you?

explained what had happened in the principals office as they got
their stuff and headed out of the school.

Danny. I know I dont usually say this, but look on the bright
side. With all of the bad stuff that has happened to you so far, what
more could fate throw at you? Sam said.

I cant believe you! You know what happens every time someone,
namely me, says something along those lines! Danny said. I
thought we agreed not to say things like that on bad days.

Danny. Sometimes you are too superstitious. I mean seriously. What
more could happen? She laughed at him as he reached for the school
doors and he glared at her.

opened the door and walked out and found out that hundreds of wild
and domesticated animals surrounded the outside of the school. Some
of which had carried their young with them.

they began to approach the trio, Danny and Tucker turned to glare at

Who would believe it if something like this happened to them? Sam
said. It was just a coincidence.

and Tucker just continued to glare at her. She sighed.

on. Danny said. Ill fly us back home

Colin jumped out of the sky. Dont worry my King ugh
Danny. I will distract these animals while you get through. He
blasted a hole in the wall. Danny, Tucker, and Sam looked at each

had better not harm a single one of those animals, Sam suddenly
demanded, walking up to Colin and poking him in the chest. After
making absolutely sure she had his word, she said aside to the boys,
We have to follow along. If we just disappear, they may get
suspicious and place more guards around you. Sam hissed quietly at
them. Plus, he already blasted a hole into the wall.

and Tucker nodded and began to head toward the wall when the Guys in
White came running.

Are you ok? We heard the explosion They began before they
noticed Colin there.

are you? Colin demanded, spreading his wings out to hide Danny
from view.

They stuttered. Oh man. Theyre gonna blow it if we dont
think of something.
Danny thought.

trainees that Dannys mom agreed with the US government to help
teach. Theyre training to become part of the new White House
Guard. Sam lied brightly with a smile that looked like it hurt her
face. She didnt want them to interfere with her work, so he
assigned them to Danny.

Ok. Colin said and lowered her wings as the Guys in White sighed
in relief. Good luck with your training.

a minute. Agent K said. He began to look suspicious. Arent
you one of those guard dragons that was on the news?

Yes? He said hesitatingly. He glanced at Danny, whom shook his
head discreetly.

why are you here protecting Danny and his friends when you should be
with your king? He asked. Colin began to sweat.

He began, but Danny interrupted him.

my cousin! Yea! Danny said. He saw that we were in trouble
as she was flying by, and must have felt obligated to help a family
member in need.

Agent K said, suspicion still in his eyes, but he relaxed.

was just wondering. Agent X said from the sidelines. What is
with the animals outside?

trio looked at each other.

dont know? Danny and Sam chorused together with synchronized
nervous shrugs. Everyone else looked at them weirdly until the
animals began to pound at the door.

we should get out of here. Tucker said, and everyone jumped into
action and out the hole. They ran down the street and some of the
animals began to chase them.

up! Danny yelled. They might get confused.

and Tucker separated, but the GIW and Colin wouldnt leave Danny.

am going to fly out of sight behind you. Colin whispered to him
before he disappeared into the sky again.

is he going? The GIW asked.

needed to go back to his king. Danny said. Why dont you guys
go left on the next corner while I go right? That way I can just run
into an alley and transform without having to worry about you both.
I dont know how many of the dragon guard are watching me, and I
dont want them to know that I am Danny Phantom. Plus, if I use my
Dragon wings, then the GIW will know that I am the Dragon King as
well. I need to lose them so that I can use my wings. That way no one
will find out anything that they dont already know.

sir. We cannot let you be harmed. We dont know what these animals
want. They answered back to him.

can fly. Remember? Danny said exasperatedly.

Yes. Of course we did. They answered. We will do as you say,

saluted him. Danny just rolled his eyes.

got to a corner. Now! He said, and sure enough, the GIW ran
off. He turned into an alley, where he took off his coat and
stretched his wings in preparation as he ran to the dead end. Just as
he reached it, he pumped his wings and jumped onto the wall and took
to the air, losing the animals. As soon as he was sure that the GIW
couldnt see him, he flew off toward another alley. I dont
see any other dragons, but they could be hiding still. Better safe
than sorry.

landed in another alley half way home and put on his white coat to
hide his wings before he walked out with his hands in his pockets. He
walked for a block and looked around. Good. I dont think that
anyone noticed.
Suddenly, an arm pulled him into an alley.

put his or her hand over his mouth and Danny began to struggle.

down, boy! the stranger hissed. Wait a minute. I recognize
that voice. Vlad!?

am sure that you had guessed by now, but it is just me. Vladimir
Masters. He told Danny before he removed his hand. And before
you begin to shot and yell at me, please hear me out.

tried to interrupt him. Vlad, you were

I need your help. Everywhere I go, people just shot at me. I cant
even go to my estate. I just need you to talk to the world on my
behalf. The world owes your ghost form a huge debt. They will most
definitely listen to you. He interrupted.

Vlad. You need to run Danny tried again.

wont even need to reveal yourself. Vlad continued. I just
want my old life back and a second chance at Jacks and Maddies
friendship. I have really learned my lesso

was cut off when Avalon came flying through the air and landed on
Vlad. Colin appeared behind him and pulled him back. Two more dragons
that Danny didnt know flew it and surrounded Vlad.

What are you doing to our king? Avalon told him. You were
banished from the world based on what I last saw.

Vlad said, surprised. What did you do boy? Reveal your secret?

Danny said, struggling against Colin.

got up and shoved the three dragons away from him. He tried to reason
with them.

Let me talk to Daniel privately. I just want a second chance at my
life. Where am I supposed to go if I am exiled from every land on
Earth? Vlad said.

wont hurt them? Maybe he really does just want a second chance.
Danny thought. He remembered when he was sent to the future and
Vlad had helped him. In the alternate reality, I told Vlad that
maybe all that anyone needs is a second chance.
Avalon snapped
Danny out of his thoughts when he spoke.

arent permitted to live by the laws of both dragons and humans. I
was told to kill you should you came close enough by both King
Daniels mother and the President of the USA. We know how you have
been watching him in the past 2 years, but for some reason, more than
half of the tapes were destroyed when you left. Avalon stated as
he and the other two dragons transformed into their larger state.

Danny yelled and pulled himself out of Colins arms. In that
timeline, he gave me a second chance when he could have had me
killed. His problems would have been solved, but he still spared me.
Now, Ill do the same.
Colin grabbed his arms to hold him back,
but Danny still pulled away from him. Suddenly, Danny felt a lot of
force on his back. He looked up. Colin had transformed into his
dragon state and was holding him down with a claw.

Danny said. His eyes turned to slits as his anger began to grow. Let
Vlad go or I will not be held responsible for the Dragons Royal
Guard when they are harmed.

am sorry sir, but I cannot let you go. That that monster needs to
be killed.
Colin spoke to Danny mentally, as it is the only
way that dragons could communicate in their Dragon Form. Dannys
eyes began to turn luminescent.

the mean time, Vlad was getting beaten. He pushed them away when he
couldnt take much more, careful not to hurt them. He understood
what he had done and felt that he deserved the punishment, but he
still didnt want to die. Although, if I dont get a chance to
talk to Daniel, I will have nothing left but to die.
thought. Danny noticed this and grew even angrier.

deserves a second chance Colin. Danny said. This is your last

sir. This man doesnt have a second chance. His crime was too
He stopped when he saw that Dannys eyes were no
longer blue, but a sickly glowing green with sharply slit pupils. He
barely had time to blink before Danny grabbed one of his claws and
threw him into a building. Colins scream attracted the attention
of Avalon and the other 2 attacking dragons. Danny walked up to them.
His eyes glowing dangerously.

Vlad alone. He is under my protection. Danny ordered them. Avalon
looked at him angrily.

am sorry your
HIGHNESS. He spat at him,
forgetting about Colin and ignoring Dannys glowing eyes. But
you are only a young child. I dont care if you have golden wings,
you are too much of a minor to be ordering me around, and the Dragon
Council told me to kill this man if sighted. Colin is a fool to even
listen to you. If you dont back off now
I will have to order the soldiers to hold you back.

it were possible, Dannys eyes only grew brighter. Long golden
claws extended from his hands and a light glowing, golden aura began
to grow on his skin. He grabbed the soldier closest to him by the
tail and threw him against a wall before piling him on top of the
unconscious Colin.

are you sure? This is our king
. The other soldier asked

I am sure. He is just a kid. Sure he is pretty strong, but that only
means that we will need back up.
He said, and the soldier
obeyed. As Danny threw the other soldier into the air and back to the
ground, Avalon called for immediate back up. I dont want to
hurt them too badly. Maybe if I go slowly and give Avalon a chance to
change his mind, then I wont have to fight him too. I hate having
to support Vlad. Jazz is right. My hero complex is a problem.

Danny sighed mentally.

Danny turned his sights on Avalon, but he had forgotten to make sure
that everyone else was unconscious. That is until the two soldiers on
top of Colin jumped up and held him to the ground with their claws.
One of them cut his side slightly as his huge claw landed on his
shoulder. This is so not fair. Two fully transformed dragons
against me. They are so going to lose.

took him about ten more minutes to knock them out again before Danny
was finally able to get back to Avalon. He grabbed the horns on his
head, jumped into the air, and flipped Avalon onto his back to reach

you ok Vlad? He asked.

but I am very tired. Thank you for helping me. Vlad said as he
reverted back into his human form. What did they mean by you being
their king?

story. If I give you a second chance, do you promise not to betray
me? Danny looking into Vlads eyes.

Vlad said.

He looked earnest enough, and his actions did speak for
themselves. Ugh. Plus, I dont think Vlad really deserves to die
and I still technically owe him one. He was just a little demented.
Danny thought to himself.

I will try my best, but just so you know. I am only doing this
because if it werent for your possible future self, I would be
evil and all of my friends and family would be dead. This is also the
last time that I will give you a chance. If you mess this up, dont
come looking for me. Danny said as the back up arrived. They
looked at all of the damage he had caused.

happened here? One of them asked. Until he caught sight of Vlad.
Its him. Save our king!

stood up and put himself in front of Vlad.

He yelled, and surprisingly they obeyed. I think that he needs a
second chance. He seemed to have learned his lesson. If you dont
agree, then you can try to remove me, but it is not my fault if you
are hurt. He warned.

didnt look very believing. I am sorry sir, but then we will
have to remove you for your own protection. The leader said as he
turned to his group of ten dragons. Get him out of here by any
means necessary, and then proceed to disposing of the criminal
Vladimir Masters. He ordered and the entire fleet transformed.
They presented a very frightening sight. Vlad looked at them in awe.
Ok. Ten house-sized dragons commanded to take me away at any costs
and to kill Vlad. How lucky it is that Vlad chose an alleyway so big
that it could hold ten fully transformed dragons.
He thought
sarcastically. I guess that I will have to try to transform. If I
cant reach my dragon form, then I will have to use my ghost form.

took off his jacket and heard Vlad gasp. My god! Those wings
he hes a dragon! That is probably a fortune growing on his
back! So that was what they were talking about.

concentrated. Come on. Come on Oh! This is just like going
ghost! Now which of these energies is my dragon form? I bet that
it is the warm energy.
He pulled at the warm energy that he
found near his ghost energy in his mind and shut his eyes.
Please oh please let my dragon form be large enough and strong
enough to beat these guys.

peeked an eye open and looked around. He was a little taller than the
2-story apartment building beside him, which meant that he was at
least a story taller than the dragons surrounding him. Danny looked
down and saw the gapping dragons below him and Vlad. He would
probably be safer on my back during this fight.
Danny thought as
he reached down and hooked Vlads tattered suit by a huge claw and
placed him on his back.

Hold on tight Vlad! Danny thought-spoke to him.
This is going to take some getting use to.

He tested out his wings and new muscles just as the other dragons
were breaking out of their shock. Ok. I dont think that this
body is too different from my ghost and human body, but either way,
this is what I have to work with. I should probably lead them into
the sky. If we fight here, there will be a lot of property damage.
Anyway, everyone here already knows the existence of dragons. This
shouldnt surprise them too much.
He stretched his wings and
took off, the fleet of dragons following him.

Vlad! I am going to take this fight into the air. I can only
speak mind-to-mind in dragon form. You will probably be safer with me
as I fight so that they cant attack you while I am distracted.
Stay low on my back ok.
Danny thought to Vlad as they climbed.


POV when Danny transformed)

never thought that Daniel could be so beautiful.
Vlad thought as
he looked at the beauty, grace, and nobility of the creature that had
just formed above his head. It looked to be made of solid gold, with
short, elegant horns curving on the crown of his head. On the neck
was a collar of many valuable jewels. Danny was a dragon that every
young boy had dreamed of riding and keeping as a pet. Large, proud,
and glowing. He had short and even spikes growing on his neck and
down his back, excluding a bare spot at the base of his neck and
shoulders. He looked like he was sculpted out of a block of gold by a
master; polished until all of the surfaces were smooth. He looked
like a god.

slowly opened his eyes to reveal soft and warm deep-sea blue eyes
that were luminated with a fire deep inside of him. They contrasted
his golden scales perfectly. Vlad saw the strong muscles on his neck
ripple and move elegantly as he craned his head to look for
something. I dont think that I have seen anything quite as
magnificent as him, and I have been all around the world. He could
even be called the eighth world wonder if he were part of the land!

looked around. All of the fleet was looking at Danny with wonder and
appreciation. I guess that I am not the only one who really
appreciates this sight. I was very lucky to persuade Danny to help
me. Hopefully, he can knock some sense into these dragons before I am
killed. I wonder what he meant when he said that he owed me. What

felt something rip through the back of his clothing and rub against
his back. He turned around a saw a beautiful golden claw holding him
up by the back of his shirt. My. The back of his claw is so soft
and smooth. It is almost like lying against a pillar.
He touched
the underside of the claw that was poking out from his shirt.
Although, its underside is the sharpest object that I have ever seen
or touched. It would make a wonderful weapon. Wait, what is he doing?
When he landed on Dannys back, Vlad grinned. I cant
believe it! I am living the dream of every youthful boy! I am riding
on the back of a dragon!

on tight Vlad!
A voice appeared in his head. What was
that! It sounded like Danny.
Suddenly, Danny lurched forwards and
up. Vlad quickly grabbed onto the spines in front of his and head on
with all of his might. Thank goodness that these spines are soft,
or I probably wouldnt have my hands right now.
He looked back
to see the fleet of dragons following them. I hope that I survive
this fight!

I am going to take this fight into the air. I can only speak
mind-to-mind in dragon form. You will probably be safer with me as I
fight so that they cant attack you while I am distracted. Stay low
on my back ok.
Danny thought to Vlad as they climbed.

hope that I survive this fight!
Vlad thought as he lay as flat as
possible on Dannys back.


to Danny)

fight was dazzling and amazing. It was stuff right out of fairy
tales. Fireballs flew, and dragons swooped through the air. Danny
dodged as well as he could, but one of them still hit his hind leg. I
never knew that dragons could really breathe fire. It hurts just as
much as an ecto-blast! At least 3 of the ones that missed me took out
other dragons. Seven left to go.

fireball came Dannys way. He had only a short time to move, or be
hit. He pumped his wings downward as hard as he could try to rise as
fast as needed, and felt a surge of ghost energy extend from his
core. Not only did he rise, but two glowing green-gold waves of
energy also flew from his wings and tore through the fireball and
back to the attacker. They looked like giant knives with moving and
mixing swirls of pure gold and green.

was so cool! Now how did I do that?
He concentrated and tried to
twine some of his ghost energy through the now-smooth surface of his
wings. It didnt get the desired effect. Instead, his wings
reformed their feathers which turned into green-spotted pins. What
am I supposed to do with this?
Danny thought.

dragon practically collided with him. He tried to jerk his body away,
but wasnt fast enough. Suddenly, he felt a tingly feeling in his
wings. He looked down and saw the last of the pins shot down at the
falling figure of the 5th dragon. I really like this. I
wonder what else I can do. Maybe I should try that fireball thing.

concentrated on the warmer part of his energy core, and opened his
mouth. A giant blue fireball came out. Why isnt it golden or
green like my other attacks? Or at least red or orange like everyone
He looked at the dragon that he had aimed at. It was on the
wall unconscious, its hard, metal scales burned right off. Man.
Their fireballs didnt hurt that much.

flew over to the dragon, which slowly lifted his head. Sorry. I
didnt think that it would do so much damage.

ok. You only got the top layer. It should heal pretty fast. Sorry
about having to attack you, but it isnt personal. Its orders.

He thought back. Danny sighed in relief before he took off back into

it wouldnt hurt them so much if I used my ghost energy instead.
thought. He did the same as before and opened his mouth and
lightning came out. Danny quickly jerked his head and made it hit a
building instead. That was too close. Lightning would have killed
them! Their bodies are made of metal. One more try, I am getting
really tired. Maybe a mixture will make it less damaging, after all,
hot plus cold equalsuh mild?

time, a cold blast of air came out. It swept over the area and froze
the second to last dragon that had been unfortunate enough to be
flying in his path. Ok maybe I should keep my mouth shut. It
does even more damage than my wings. Although all of these new powers
are sooooo cool!
He felt a cramp in his right wing and plummeted
down by 20 feet. He landed on his feet to find his head only a foot
away from a young boy looking at him with bugged eyes.

Danny thought to him. Sorry that I almost squashed

anything, the little boys eyes seemed to just grow bigger. I am
getting really tired now. Maybe I should have controlled the amount
of energy that I put into those blasts.
Well, one more to go.
The general. Maybe I can talk him into giving up and letting me rest.

looked up. General!

The gray dragon answered and hovered above him. This is a good
sign. He is listening.
Danny thought.

you stop fighting me? I am tired and I took out your entire fleet.
Can you please give him a chance?
Danny pleaded.

am sorry sir. I sympathize with you, but the orders were to kill
The Grey dragon answered. And even if we did
protect him, what are we going to do about the government? What about
the rest of the world? They want vengeance.

has a pointwait what about? No. I hate that idea. Do I really
owe Vlad so much that I would do that for him?
Danny craned his
head to look at Vlad on his back. He looked wind-torn and frightened,
but he seemed to have enjoyed the flight. For once Danny didnt see
the businessman, but a normal man that had the most exhilarating
experience of his life. It was like something evil had truly left his
eyes. He thought back to the Vlad of the alternate reality. Their
eyes looked very similar now, but with a small difference. Vlad of
the present held not only a broken and sane soul, but hope as well.
Danny mentally sighed. He deserves a second chance. Everyone does.
Anyway, if this goes though properly, I wont really be losing
anything. There will just be a lot of change.

looked back up to the general. Dont worry about that. I will
take care of it.
He thought back.

general just hovered there for a minute before responding. Fine.
You are my king, and there for hold more authority, but can you play
along? This way I can keep my job without having to fight too much.

relaxed. Anything.

need you to defeat me.
The general told him. Just
hit me in the head softly with your claws and I will fake falling
unconscious. Try to make it realistic.

just nodded and flew up to him, following through with the request.
The gray dragon made a giant and very dramatic act out of it by
moaning, head clutching, and the prolonged fall though the sky.
Wow. And I thought that Sams mom was the most dramatic person
that I had ever met. This guys not even a good actor.

looked down and saw all of the unconscious forms of the dragon fleet.
Colin was twitching. Danny giggled as well as a dragon could, which
came out more of a gurgle. Dannys eyes traveled past the war zone
and his scales paled. Off in the distance, about half a block away,
were a lot of people watching and about 5 different
news channels. They had awestruck faces on, and they wouldnt stop
staring at him.

Daniel? DANIEL! Vlad said, snapping Danny out of his mind. Danny
had forgotten about him for a minute. I think you should go down
there. If you dont explain, your dragon form is going to get bad
publicity. This is how you made it so easy for Walker to turn you
into Public Enemy #1 before. The people didnt know you, but they
knew the mayor. Right now, they are probably awed by your beauty, and
you can use it to gain their good sides. Set your image now.

Oh. Youre rightI guess. Wait what about how I look. I am NOT
Danny argued as he took off and landed in front of
the crowd. They back up quite a bit to give him a one-foot space
between him and them.

You can say that until you get a good look at yourself in front of a
mirror or maybe a news report in your case. Vlad retorted.
Danny let it go. He was way too tired to argue. I guess that I
will have to get used to this. I am supposed to be protecting him.

got ready to address the when a yell came from behind him. Avalon had
woken up.

I dont care if you are my king. This makes no sense. You will
cause the planet to be in peril again, and Danny Phantom may not be
able to save us again.
Avalon yelled loudly into everyones
minds, a manic gleam in his eyes.

dont care if I harm the great king if it means killing that
man. His scales will prevent a large amount of the damage and a few
people may be killed, but Masters will be dead.
Avalon yelled
mentally as he shot a huge fireball at Danny and the crowd. It was
big enough to engulf most of Danny and some of the crowd to Dannys
left and right.

thought fast. He instinctively stretched his wings in front of him to
shield himself and the on-lookers. He felt as the fireball hit. He
peeked an eye open.

didnt hurt.
Was his first thought, but then he heard a scream.
A little of the fire had leaked thought on the edge of his wings, and
a little girl was slightly burned. The mother comforted the girl to
no more than a few silent tears, but the girl was still in pain.
Danny felt his eyes turn green.

will it take you to understand VLAD is under my protection? Now you
have hurt an innocent child!
Danny yelled mentally, not
realizing how loud or public it was. Golden waves of energy began to
build around his body and whip at everything and everyone. He began
to think of the time of when he had met his alternate reality.
Everyone, both innocent and guilty had gotten hurt and killed, all
because of him. Now a little girl who had just wanted to watch the
cool show had gotten hurt because of him defending someone else.

was simply the last straw. The whips of energy merged together to
cover his body and shot outwards in all directions. It overtook 5
blocks. Afterwards, everyone who had been overtaken by it were on
their hands and knees, crying. Avalon included. You see, that blast
of light had projected to everyone within the energy the experience
that Danny had the moment that Danny had thought that his entire
family killed, his experience from meeting Vlad, the emotions from
the entire adventure. The only difference was that everyone in the
memory were replaced with each persons closest friends and family
and their names instead of Dannys, with the exclusion of Vlad.
Danny had been able to control some of it. They had walked in his
shoes for that one memory.

looked up at him and saw the tired golden dragon, barely wake, but
still standing protectively over Vlad. Even the dragons that Danny
had knocked unconscious were wincing. Avalon was begging for
forgiveness, trying to say that he hadnt understood properly.
Danny just said that it was ok, but he needed to apologize to the
girl that had been burned. Avalon did so with such a combination of
regret and sorrow and nose licking that the little girl only giggled
and apologized for making a scene.

wasnt until all of the dragons had told Danny, one at a time, that
they now understood and supported him did he relax. They walked up to
him and picked him up by his sides, two dragons on each end and
lifted him. Just as they were getting ready to take off, Danny
stopped them. Dont forget about Vlad. He thought to

looked at him and spoke. I will carry him. It is the least that
I could do.

climbed carefully on to his back and took off, still reeling from
what he had experienced in his mind. I never knew that the little
badger had experienced so much. No wonder he felt so obligated to
help me. I swear I never want to be that lonely or broken in the
future. I must not waste this last chance. I dont think that even
I have experienced as much as he has.

flew out of sight and Danny quickly changed back in the alley before
he fell asleep in the generals claws. This is a magnificent
boy. He is a true king that will most definitely take the dragon race
into a new golden age. I wonder where he got that memory. His parents
dont seem to know that anything like this had ever happened. Who
is Clockwork?
The General thought as he took off for Fenton Works
hidden by the dark sky with a bruised Colin and a whipped Avalon on
his left and right, after dismissing his fleet.


will happen next? Will Vlad be killed? What is Danny planning on
doing to keep the world governments happy and quiet with Vlad back on
earth? Tune in next time to find out.


I had always wanted to put that at the ending of one of my chapters.
It was so much fun! I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter. It took
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