Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Jazz’ Beau – Chapter 1

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Jazz’ Beau – Chapter 1

Disclaimer- Eye do knot own Danny Phantom, and eye dun knot own Microsoft Word spell chequer, witch has let al of these misstakes thru Let this b a lesson; u cant rely on computers two no about the subtleties of the English language. Watt does u say two that bill gaits? Hmm?

NOTE!: Dani was adopted by the Fentons! Ok, ok.

“Were are you going?” Danny asked his sister.

“I have a date,” Jazz told her little brother as she put on her other earring.

“WHAT!? With who!? How old is he? How do you know him? Do I know him?” He demanded to know.

“In order. His name is Leo, he just turned seventeen so he’s only 5 months older than me, I tudor him in Spanish and in Science and I don’t know do you?” Jazz replied as she put on some lip gloss.

“I get to interagate him,” Danny said frowning.

“NO, you DON’T!” Jazz replied firmly.

“What’s going on?” Dani asked, peeking in.

“SHE HAS A DATE!” Danny said in an upset way, clearly stating that he was NOT happy about this.

“SHHH! Don’t let Mom and Dad know!” Jazz begged, covering his mouth.

“Listen. I’ll keep Mom and Dad downstairs when he comes over if Danny gets to interview him,” Dani bargined. Jazz looked at her and sighed.

“Fine,” She muttered as there was a knock on the door.

“I GOT IT!” Danny yelled, flying down the stairs even though he was still in human mode. Dani ran down the stairs.

“Hi Daddy!” She said in her sweet innocent princess voice, hugging her dad. Jack and Maddie raised an eyebrow.

“How much is it gonna cost me?” Jack asked.

“Nothing, honestly,” Dani said, and when seeing that they weren’t buying it, she picked up a random invention. “What’s this do?”

The couple suddenly went into pointless ramble mode.

–With Officer Danny and the criminal Leo with charges on asking Jazz out. Oh and Jazz–

Danny opened the door to reveal a dark brown haired boy with yellow bangs that fell into green eyes. He had on a black hat with a red mark on it. He was wearing a skintight black shirt with a light green one over it and dark blue jeans. He seemed cool enough.

“Uh, is Jazz here?” He asked, a bit uncertain.

“Right here. Quick! Let’s go!” Jazz said, quickly pulling him out the door before Danny could say a word. His eyes flashed in anger and he ran towards the basement door.

“JAZZ HAS A DATE!” He yelled down there before sulking to his room.

Haha. Danny wasn’t fast enough.

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