Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Nearly Like Home – Chapter Three

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Nearly Like Home – Chapter Three


was attempting to pay attention to one of Mr. Lancers most boring
lectures yet instead of daydreaming about Sam who sat in front of him
and seemed to have changed the scent of her shampoo. He was failing
with flying colors as his ghost sense went off which was soon
followed by the schools ghost alarms that had been installed by
his parents that year.

Mr. Lancer just
rolled his eyes because the alarm seemed to always go off when he was
on a roll during a lecture and began to follow the safety procedure
that was listed on every classroom door. Every student got up and,
despite Mr. Lancers pleas to leave in a calm and orderly fashion,
panicked, screaming towards the door, fighting to get out first.
Danny, Sam, and tucker, forgotten in the chaos, swiftly turned
invisible and went through the wall to an empty classroom where Danny
could transform. Before he got a chance he was ripped out of the room
by an invisible force. Danny was up in the sky before he got a chance
to see that it was none other than Plasmius.

Danny had pretty
much guessed it was Plasius since he had really ticked him off
earlier that week. Danny had rigged all the voting machines to vote
for Vlads running mate for mayor and had ultimately cost him the
entire election. This, however, was unusual retaliation for such a
stunt. Vlad had never attacked Danny during school hours or his human

Transform now
and everyone finds out your little secret Daniel, said Vlad in a
menacing voice. Danny looked down and noticed a large crowd forming
around the high school.

Dont you mean
our secret, Danny choked.

Hmm No, I
believe I meant what I said since Vlad Masters is across town giving
a speech welcoming his successor.

What are you
doing Vlad?

Frankly, Daniel,
I have grown tired of your antics after all these years. You are no
more than a thorn in my side. I realize now that it was a mistake
ever thinking that I could turn you into a substantial human being,
That you could possibly be my protg and learn from my ways
like I generously offered you which I never had myself. I blame this,
of course, entirely on myself.

Yeah, well, Im
sorry I didnt want to become like you: a lonely old man who only
fines happiness in other peoples pain.

Alas, this is
where my plan comes in, Dannys face became worried after Vlad
agreed to his insult, Since, like you said, I take my only
happiness from your pain, that is also how I plan to get rid of the
thorn in my side.

Are you going to
kill me? Danny asked, not planning on letting him go through with
his plan.

No, of course
not, gradually flying farther and farther away from the crowd,
Im going to give you a choice.

Danny could see now
that other ghosts were surrounding the crowd. Three swooped in and
grabbed on looking spectators,

You can either
let the ghosts deal with your sister, your girlfriend, and the nerd
you hang around with and live with the guilt that you are the soul
reason for the death of the three people closest to you and
ultimately end up alonelike me; or, you can reveal yourself and
who you really are to the people of amity, saving the people you love
and probably also ending up alone for beingah, whats the
word? A freak. The choice is yours.

Both Vlad and Danny
knew it was not a choice. Even if Danny did not have a hero complex,
he would never let anything happen to his friends or his sister. He
would do anything for them even if it meant ruining his life.

Why are you
doing this? Danny yelled. He could not understand why any of this
was happening. Even though Vlad and he had always though, he did not
think it would ever come to this,

I cant have
you in my way any longer.

As the ghosts were
beginning to hurt their captives, Danny transformed. There was a
bright flash of light that every citizen of Amity saw that day. It
was replayed over and over and analyzed by every specialist
available. Where there was once a scrawny teenager with raven hair
and blue eyes, there was a self-assured ghost-boy with snowy white
hair and glowing green eyes. After this moment, there was no going

Danny soared down
and hit skulker, who was holding Sam, as hard as he could. He could
not hold back his rage over the situation. He was a little over
zealous fighting the ghosts, but the ghosts did not hold back either.

The Fright Knight,
who was holding Jazz, dodged almost everyone of Dannys attacks and
hit him with a blast that left him in a crater on the verge of losing
consciousness. With one last surge of adrenaline, he used his ghostly
wail which was so powerful that it left the ghosts not knowing which
way was up.

Danny promptly
returned them to their home in the Fenton Thermos, scooped up his
friends and sister, and flew them to Fenton works. The crowd could
only gawn and wonder whether what they saw was true. Was it possible
for a ghost to also be human? Or was a ghost impersonating a human
all along? Where they all just hallucinating?

The tapes, however,
did not lie. At least four news teams, all of which Vlad owned, had
caught his transformation on tape and made sure it was on air all
day. Yes, the famous ghost, Danny Phantom, was also the mediocre high
school student, Daniel Fenton. There really was no denying it.

When Danny arrived
back at Fenton Works, he did not know what to do next. His sister had
told him, that despite the fact he had thought that Tucker and Sam
had only knew his secret, that she figured it out a long time ago and
that she was really proud of everything he had accomplished with his

This, however, did
not reassure Danny since now the Guys in White were sure to capture
him, regardless of what the town thought about him being their hero.
After everything that happened, Danny never really thought that the
town would turn of him. After all, he spent all the time he had, the
time that he could be sleeping or studying or anything else that an
average 16-year-old should be doing, hunting ghosts that were
attacking the people who were never even that nice to his human half.
He thought that if the town housed any decent people at all that they
would not scorn him, at least. Now by science? By his parents? Maybe.
But not the people he spent sleepless hours protecting.

He was wrong.

At once there were
threatening phone calls, letters, bricks sent to his house, threw his
window, anywhere people thought would reach him. There were protests
on TV almost 24/7 about how someone should put an end to this
abomination. Eventually it came to a vote whether to put an end to
him but the Guys in White would only have it so that they could use
him for experimentation since there was nothing else like him.

His parents did not
acknowledge him. When he first came home from the fight, he realized
that they were in the crowd that saw him transform. He saw their
reaction in the news afterwards when the news stations tried to
interview them.

How does it feel
to have a son who is the epitome of everything you hate?

Are you planning
on disowning the freak you call your son? They were all like that.
Each one met with a stony face from Dannys father, a face usually
filled with joy and love now looked angry and filled with hatred. His
mom, for the first time in Dannys memory, looked like she was
going to cry. His mom had always been so strong and looked like she
was going to break down into tears from utter shock and

They did not come
home the next two days. The only thing that Danny saw of the outside
world was the threatening messages, the news (which was just as bad),
and Jazz who always told him not to watch that trash because it was
not true. That there were people that loved him for all the good he
did out there. But that had been bullshit.

Danny woke up one
morning to find Jazz shaking him, Danny, you need to wake up, you
need to go.

wah.. Danny
replied almost forgetting the horrible experience that had been his
last two days, Theyre coming to get you, you need to leave now.

Danny bolted right
up and looked around. Jazz had been crying. Her eyes were red and
puffy and it looked as if she had not slept for several days.

You need to go
now. I packed your bags. The vote passed. You are to be handed over
to the Guys in White but Im not going to let that happen. You need
to go, I packed your bags.

Danny looked down
to see two stuffed suitcases: one full of food, the other full of
clothes. Danny just looked at his sister and she pulled him into an
embrace that he really hoped would not end.

Ill find you,
promise, she said. Neither one of them really believe it would
happen. Neither of them would be able to face each other again.

So without even a
good-bye from his parents, his (sort of) girl friend, or his best
friend he left.

He flew as fast as
he could for as long as he could without passing out. When he ran out
of food he stole. Eventually he landed far away in a small town in
Pennsylvania and he had not seen or heard from his family or anyone
in Amity sinceuntil now.

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