Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Danny Phantom Paranoia

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Danny Phantom Paranoia

Danny Phantom  Paranoia

All right, here it is, chapter two! I had spent a couple days trying to figure out how to end it, but was having trouble and I already know what I’m doing next time, so this will have to do!

This chapter we will start exploring how messed up poor Danny is after his experience and how Dark is planning to mess with him more.

Hope you like it and I don’t keep you waiting too long for the next one. xD;


Jazz sighed as she got ready for school. She briefly wondered where Danny was, as she hadn’t seen him since before school the day before.

Her parents were away at some sort of conference thing and weren’t expected back until the next day so it was abnormally quiet. She somehow felt that she shouldn’t make any noise, so the sound when she picked up her keys was uncomfortably loud.

Jazz felt like something was off, or wrong, and the feeling just grew as she neared the door. She knew Danny went out late sometimes, but he usually returned by morning.

Her sense of wrongness just grew stronger as she went to the door, stopping with her hand before the doorknob.

“This is stupid, there’s nothing wrong!” Jazz exclaimed to herself and pulled open the door only to jump back with a startled gasp as Danny fell through the doorway.

Jazz dropped her keys as she quickly kneeled down to shake her brother. “Danny? Danny!”

Danny whimpered and slowly opened his eyes. “Jazz…?” he asked before quickly sitting up, then doubling over in pain. “W-where am I?”

“Home, Danny, you’re at home. Jazz had a moment of panic,wondering if Danny had some sort of amnesia. She was ready to run and call the hospital at any time.

“Home? But-” Danny cut off, looking around.

“You should go sit on the couch.” Jazz said, helping him up and closing the door before taking him to the couch. She already knew there was no way she was going to school that day.

“Are you ok? Do you remember anything? Was it a ghost?” Danny flinched violently at her last question so she decided to gently pry further. “A ghost? Was it someone I know?”

“No,” Danny said, not meeting her eyes, which made her suspicious. “It was a new guy. He was a little harder to deal with than I thought.”

Jazz could immediately tell he was lying, or at least not telling the whole truth, but she didn’t want to pressure him, seeing his condition.

“How badly are you hurt?”

“I-I don’t know.” Danny answered honestly, trying to assess his pains. He immediately knew where the ache in his lower back and wrists were from, and he was pretty sure he had some sort of bruise around his throat, but his abdomen…

Danny almost screamed in shock, and couldn’t hold back a flinch when Jazz touched him on the arm.

“Where are you hurt?” she asked sternly.

“Um, m-my-” Danny took a calming, deep breath to stop his voice from shaking, “My ribs hurt.”

“Well let’s see.” Jazz said, reaching for the hem of his shirt.

“No!” Danny yelled, startling himself and his sister both. “Sorry,” he muttered, “I think I’ll just go check it myself. Take a shower and stuff, yeah?”

“All right.” Jazz said uncertainly, “But tell me if you need anything.” Danny nodded and slunk away up the stairs.

Sitting alone on the couch Jazz thought about Danny’s behavior. She was sure she could recognize some of his symptoms from her psychology books, but it didn’t all seem to fit. She thought she would have too look through them later.

Sighing, Jazz sat there debating weather to call some authority, as she knew that something had happened. In the end, when she heard the shower running, she decided she would just call Sam and Tucker after school to see if they knew anything.

— — —

In the shower Danny turned the water to the highest heat and stood under the steaming water, watching as his skin began to turn red. He wanted to get rid of all the traces of that maniac, but he knew he would never be able to.

Almost unconsciously he moved his hand to rest over his stomach, rubbing along raised edges of cuts in his skin. He supposed it made sense for his evil self to want to label what he thought of as ‘his property’ but couldn’t it have been subtler than the name ‘Dark’ carved on his abdomen?

Realizing where his hand was he moved it away quickly in disgust before grabbing a washcloth and soap to scrub at his skin. He scrubbed until his skin was raw, and then only stopped because the hot water was running out.

Turning off the faucets Danny grabbed a towel and put it as securely as possible around his waist before stepping out of the shower. He then stopped in front of the mirror to look at himself.

His normally spiky, almost gravity-defying hair was plastered down around his face. He noticed he was shaking a little and grimaced. His light blue eyes seemed closed off, almost blank and he cold see the beginnings of dark circles under them.

Danny sighed, and a split second later he realized it had been blue. He immediately tensed and tried to go ghost, to no avail.

“Damn it what’s wrong?” Danny moaned in despair.

Danny screamed when he felt a hand start to trace the backwards letters, but it was quickly cut off by an invisible hand over his mouth. He knew he should have been struggling, but was frozen as Dark slowly appeared behind him.

“Nothing’s wrong.” Dark murmured, lazily tracing the letters, enjoying Danny’s look of terror reflected in the mirror, “Your powers are still functioning, just not around me. You’re home, you’re safe for now, so you should just relax,” Dark said, finishing tracing.

“This feeling? Get used to it,” he said before slowly licking a trail down Danny’s face and phasing out of the room.

After he was gone Danny stood in shock and cursed himself. He had to grow a spine. He had to be able to function while he was around or this would go on forever, or at least until Dark got bored and killed him.

Danny shuddered, backing up to the wall before slowly sliding down it, his hands over his face.

A few moments later he was startled back to the outside world when Jazz knocked on the door and called, “Danny, are you all right? I thought I heard a scream?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Danny called back, his voice strained, “I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Whatever you say,” Jazz said uncertainly and he heard her walk away.

He quickly got dressed in new clothes, vowing to get rid of the clothes he had been wearing, and went back downstairs. He hadn’t eaten in awhile, and in spite of the horrible situation he was starving.

Danny grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat. A couple minutes later Jazz came in with some books and sat down as well. He looked at her questioningly but she just seemed to ignore him so he returned the favor.

After slowing his pace for inhaling his food Danny found himself just sitting there playing with the remainder of his cereal. Making a face he realized he was full and hadn’t even finished one small bowl.

“Are you done?” asked Jazz looking over the top of her book. Danny thought he recognized it as one of the psych books she was so in love with.

“I guess.” He muttered darkly and went to throw it away.

“You should get some sleep.” Jazz called as Danny started to walk through the doorway.

Danny didn’t acknowledge her as he left and Jazz sighed, going back to her books. She would find out what was wrong with her little brother, even if it meant he would hate her for it.

— — —

Slowly shutting the door behind him Danny looked around his room. Everything was exactly the way he had left it before what happened.

He didn’t know why, but somewhere in his mind he had expected everything to be different. Maybe because it was such a huge event to him that it seemed like everything should react to it even though there was no reason to because no one knew and if things went the way he wanted no one would ever know.

Sitting in his computer chair he thought about getting online but then realized school still wouldn’t be out for a couple more hours.

Getting up he moved over to his bed, looking at it warily and even checking underneath it before sitting down. He made a face, realizing how paranoid he was starting to get.

A thought suddenly occurring to him, Danny checked out all his ghostly powers. Dark had said they would be fine as soon as he was gone, but he wanted to make sure.

That brought up another thought. Why couldn’t he transform or use any of his powers near Dark? In some ways it reminded him of some of Vlads inventions, but a little more advanced, which he supposed was natural as he was from the future.

Danny thought it was probably a range thing, so if they fought he would have to try and keep it at at a distance.

Danny sighed, changing back after he discovered everything was working properly. Sitting back he began wondering what was going to happen. He knew that he would have to capture him as quickly as possible. That was obvious. He just had to figure out how to do it.

Sighing he mentally shook himself as he lay down slowly on his bed. Closing his eyes he tried not to think of what happened the last time he had been in a similar position. After a while he finally fell into a light, restless sleep.

— — —


Bolting upright Danny looked around quickly, his breath coming in short pants.

When he saw it was just Tucker and Sam he tried to calm down and started breathing more slowly.

“Are you ok, it sounded like you were having a bad dream?” Sam asked and Danny suppressed a shudder.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Danny forced a smile, glad his friends weren’t very observant at times, and also glad that he was wearing jeans and had somehow ended up with his blanket covering him.

It was horrible, he thought, that after everything he went through things had to turn out like this. Subtly changing the position he was sitting in as to make it even less noticeable although it was already going away. Danny tried to assess his mental condition while trying to get ready for their line of questioning.

“Whatever you say, man.” Tucker said looking at him oddly. “So what happened last night? Clockwork came and told us you needed help but didn’t tell us what was up and by the time we got to where you were supposed to be there was nothing there.”

Danny’s stomach rolled and he tried to keep the nausea off his face. Swallowing he turned his gaze so he was looking above his friends rather than at them and said, “Oh it was nothing. Everything turned out fine so there’s nothing to worry about.”

His friends exchanged a glance and Sam said, “Ok, we know you’re not telling us the truth Danny. Jazz told us how she found you this morning. What really happened.”

“It was just a ghost, and it’s not like I’m badly hurt or anything. It’s not like I’ve never been thrown against a brick wall before. Can’t we leave it alone? What, do you want me to apologize for disappearing and re-appearing seemingly uninjured without your help?” Danny exclaimed, and growled, shaking his head and running a hand through his hair. Trust his sister to blab something to his friends.

There was silence while Sam and Tucker thought about what he said. They supposed it made sense, but Danny still seemed agitated. He didn’t look so good either.

Sighing, Sam said, “All right, we’re just glad you’re ok.”

Forcing another smile and hoping it looked real Danny mentally scoffed. ‘Yeah, I’m perfectly fine, I only got…’

He quickly forced his thought to derail. He didn’t want to think about it while people were around. He might accidentally say something like he usually did while thinking and talking about two different things.

Danny practically jumped out of his skin, and did launch himself off of his bed when Tucker patted him on the shoulder. Landing ungracefully on the floor his friends started at him, not sure weather or not to laugh.

Trying to calm his racing heart and also trying to keep the pain off his face he said, “Sorry, lot of stress lately,” and gave a weak chuckle.

“You’ll be at school tomorrow, yeah?” Tucker said, deciding to ignore this latest oddity in his best friend while Sam offered a hand up which was ignored and Danny got back up by himself.

Assuring them that he would be, and also that he’d call them later, Sam and Tucker reluctantly left, leaving Danny alone again.

School. He hadn’t really thought of that. Dark had said that he was ‘safe’ in his house but hadn’t said anything about other public places. He shuddered to think of what could happen. Danny would just have to be prepared. He sighed thinking of the extra weight that would have to be in his backpack to even try to help protect him if Dark made his powers short out again. That was if he was attacked while he had his bag on him.

No matter what happened the biggest thing he had to do was make sure no one knew what had happened. If someone found out he didn’t know what he’d do. He was sure they’d try to ‘console’ him and ‘make it better’ but that kind of thing didn’t really work, he was sure. Danny thought he could work this out on his own than with others. Maybe it would help to at least let them know that a ghost, a powerful ghost, was after him, but he didn’t want to put them in more danger than they were in already.

For now, he supposed, he would just have to focus on finding a plan and keeping secrets. Danny lay back on his bed, knowing there was no way he was going to be able to sleep, and watched the minutes slip by until he would be forced to return to school and deal with human bullies in addition to psychotic ghosts.

— — —

Watching the sun rise from the roof of his old house Dark smiled, thinking of what a good day this was going to be. Although he had only been in this world for a few days he was already appreciating the lack of good advanced ghost hunting technology. Compared to his time it was like having a modern day soldier with all his equipment go help fight in the Civil War.

He was also fairly sure they wouldn’t get it any time soon since he was the main reason it had been invented and he wasn’t planning to go on any rampages, at least until he had Danny.

A real smile worked it’s way onto his face when he thought of how easy this all was going to be for him. Oh he knew Danny was going to fight him with everything he had, but Dark was positive that ‘everything he had’ wasn’t going to be nearly enough.

— — —

~End Chapter Two~

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