Danny Phantom Pornography Story: The Enjoy of a Lil’ Sista Chapter Three

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: The Enjoy of a Lil’ Sista Chapter Three

Love of a Little Sister

Chapter 3: Play Instead

Danny was sitting sideways in black chair in what he assumed was
Vlad’s living room. There were too many rooms in the house to tell.
Selina was kneeling in front of a coffee table, her notebook opened
in front of her, though Danny doubted she was actually doing
her homework. It didn’t really matter, they had been given the rest
of the week off and it was Monday.

Selina’s pencil wandered over the pages of her notebook, sketching
out images that attacked her mind with no remorse. Her eyes were
narrowed slightly in concentration, and her tongue was stuck out the
side of her mouth occasionally it would switch sides. Her blue eyes
were filled to the brim with concentration and determination, and
still tinted red from her earlier tears. She had pulled her hair down
and was letting it fall in slight waves over her shoulders and back.

Vlad had returned to City Hall to do whatever he did at City Hall,
like Danny really gave a crap, and had left them at the Manor
supervised by the faculty that worked there. They had all pretty much
left the two alone, except for the Butler who checked up on them
occasionally. The elderly man was standing at the door, unknown to
the children until he cleared his throat, You have visitors.

Danny glanced up as Sam and Tucker walked through the door.

Selina gagged as Sam charged Danny with a hug, exclaiming how
worried and upset and sorry she was, how she would do anything to
help, and blah blah blah. It made Selina sick to her stomach how much
the goth girl tried. When Sam had finally let Danny go she turned the
sickening affection on Selina and almost suffocated her with a hug.

Dude, I’m sorry. Tucker mumbled, placing a comforting hand on
Danny’s shoulder.

Danny nodded, Yeah. Me too.

Want me to take the kid outside so you can talk to Sam about it?

Danny thought for a moment before he nodded, Yeah. Thanks, man.

Tucker nodded, No problem. Selina, let’s go for a walk.

Selina pulled away from Sam and hurried over to Tucker, Please.
she said before she followed Tucker out the door, giving Sam a
warning glare over her shoulder, Don’t try anything. she said
before she turned back to Tucker and gave him a smile.

Sam gave Selina’s back a questioning look as Danny grabbed he bridge
of his nose in loving frustration, Ignore her. he said as he
let go and looked at his best friend.

Sam nodded, I usually do. How are you holding up?
I don’t
know. I feel… almost Numb.

Selina… Tucker started nervously, You okay? he asked
rubbing the back of his neck.

She glanced up at him with a questioning look on her face, Yeah,

Tucker thought about it for a second, About your parents.

Oh… That. she said her smile falling a little, before she
looked back up at him, I don’t really want to talk about it. Can
we play instead?

Tucker smiled a little, Sure. Sure we can. He gently opened the
door and led her outside.

Do you think she’ll be alright?

Selina? I think she’ll be fine by next week. She’ll always be a
little sad, but she won’t show it. She should be acting like herself
by Friday.

You don’t sound to happy about that. Sam said looking at Dani
cautiously from the seat next to him.

I don’t want her to bottle it up, if she does then it’ll all
explode at one point and when it does I might not be there.

I’m sure she’ll be fine, she expresses her emotions. She doesn’t
hold back, maybe you just need to sit down and talk to her. Whenever
you think you can, I mean.

Danny nodded, Maybe you’re right. But I’ve never really been good
at talking about this stuff, especially with her. I’m her older
brother, I’m suppose to be the strong one but all I want to do right
now is cry.

Maybe that’s all she wants to do, too. But she’s waiting to know
if its okay.

Danny shook his head, I don’t know… Was that thunder? he
asked looking up.

Sure enough a few moments later, thunder rolled across the sky over
head, Where’s Selina? he asked before he got up and hurried out
the door.

Danny! Selina yelled smiling from the middle of the yard where
her and Tucker had been playing in the pouring rain.

Selina get in here, you’re gonna get sick!

But I’m having fun.

Yeah Danny, she’s having fun! Tucker called as he laughed.

Selina, come on. You can have fun inside.

Selina sighed, Fine. she mumbled rolling her eyes before she
slowly walked towards the door.

Danny rolled his own eyes, Selina.

I’m coming! she called, a small smirk drawing across her

Danny let out a sigh before he walked out into the rain, Selina saw
this and without hesitation, turned and ran. It took Danny 15 minutes
of chasing her around the yard before he finally wrapped his hand
around her wrist. She let out a surprised squeak that turned into a
howl of laughter as he picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder
like a sack of potatoes.

Squirming, laughing, and squealing potatoes.

Tucker and Sam stood under the shelter of the house laughing as they
watched Danny struggle to carry the kicking girl towards the house.
Sam caught a sideways glance at her watch and recovered from her
laughter, Tucker, we’ve gotta go we’re gonna be late. See ya,

Bye guys, he said as he repositioned Selina on his shoulder.

Later, Dude. Tucker said as he and Sam turned and hurried down
the path away from the mansion.

Danny let out a sigh of relief as he got dropped Selina inside and
closed the door.

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