Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Fenton Family Fragments – Chapter 1

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Fenton Family Fragments – Chapter 1

Title: Little Brother

Genre: Angst/Family

Summary: Danny probably has no idea just how much Jazz worries about him. (A Jazz-Danny sibling fic).

Notes: This was originally written with different stuff in mind, but it turned out cool. Tons of thanks to Pixiegirl13 for proofreading this for me, and a Merry (late) Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


Subject Little Brother has acquired poor sleeping and eating habits. He has also been failing in activities he is expected to succeed in by people whose love and support his values. Their disappointment has affected him, and the restrictions they impose are presenting difficulties in his ability to proceed to activities he holds extremely high on his list of priorities. All of these factors are imposing unhealthy amounts of stress on the subject. Conclusion?

Jazz chewed on the end of her pen, straightening her posture while she thought. Her room was a perfect place for sorting things out, and she needed such an environment now more than ever.

Danny was in trouble. She was worried about him.

Back before the secret of her being in the know had gotten loose shed been so busy trying to help inconspicuously that shed never had any real chances to observe him. Now, however, she was finding herself with enough time and space to notice things that were sending her future-psychiatrist-in-training alarm-bells wailing like sirens.

Dannys lack of sleep was one of those things. He had near-permanent shadows under his eyes, and a few careful questions to a couple of his teachers had shown that hed been having troubles staying awake in class.

Another problem was that he was getting thin. Their Mom had been slender, true, and Jazz was downright skinny, and she supposed that it was possible for him to have had that body structure all along and that she simply hadnt taken stock of it before. It was also possible that he was just on a series of growth-spurts that kids his age were still prone to, leaving him gangly and awkward. Any number of innocent possibilities and believable excuses could be found, and any one of them could be right. Unfortunately, Jazz had a hunch that none of them were true. Even more unfortunately, she had no way of proving anything until she had something solid to work with. Until she found some recent but pre-Ghost Portal photos she could compare him to, or better yet some actual health records with his previous weight, she would have no real evidence to lean on as a reliable fact in her analysis and diagnosis.

She was the daughter of scientists and an aspiring psychologist. More than either of those, she was Dannys big sister, and she wasnt going to stop trying to help him until all evidence showed he was alright again.

Conclusion: Not enough information has been gathered to decide anything major. Until then, Little Brother should have ghost-free counseling, with the absolutely-ghost-free counselor giving Person-Centered therapy.

Jazz studied the neat little paragraph. Pausing only to carefully cross a t that she had missed earlier, she closed the notebook and put it in its place. This was probably the most momentous case-study of her life, and she was determined to keep everything where she could find it instantly.

Once that was done, Jazz stretched laboriously, glad that shed planned things so that none of her note-taking would happen on a school night. She would stay up all night for as long as she could if it meant looking after him. This was her baby brother, and his health was more important to her than anything. Meanwhile, her planning included disguising her record notes as a notebook like any other on her shelf (to keep him from worrying if he started snooping around her room.) Paranoia might be a problem for both the Fenton siblings someday, if this ghost situation ever died down, but until then the facts were that everyone was out to get Danny, and Danny had no respect for her personal privacy.

Jazz fought down a yawn as she started searching for her pajamas. It really was quite late, and she would probably need a nap tomorrow to keep herself alert. She would do it when Danny was out and wouldnt notice, though. She glanced at the clock to get an idea of how many hours she was missing and how many shed need to make up for them. 1:08 AM. Jazz stared at the clock, not having realized that shed taken quite so long perusing her research. Not that she regretted any of it, but really, losing track of time for quite that long while studying just wasnt normal for her.

Though, perhaps she was overreacting just a bit to Dannys situation as a wholeafter all, it wasnt like he had anything serious, or shed have noticed a long time ago.

But then, hadnt she noticed something was wrong a while back? Wasnt that when shed tried sending him to Dr. Spectra? Well, her concern had been sincere, at least, and thank goodness that Danny knew that

Being so lost in her thoughts, it took a moment for Jazz to realize that shed just heard a soft thump from the room beside her. The room on that side was Dannys. She blinked slowly, shaking her head slightly to get more oxygen to where she knew it was needed, and listened to see if it would come again. After a few long moments of hearing nothing she left her room anyway, slipping out and down the hallway. When shed tiptoed her way to Dannys door she knocked as quietly as she could and waited for some response. None come, so after a moment she reached for the doorknob, turning it as quietly as any nosey older sister can.

Her brothers room was dark, but distant glows from street-lights and the Op-Center overhead were casting a slightly-brighter-than-usual light around the room. Jazz glanced around and realized that one of the windows had had its curtains left wide open, with its lengths of cloth tied into knots so they wouldnt just sink back into place.

Danny? She whispered, looking back at the bed. Now that her eyes were adjusting to the not-quite-darkness of his room she thought she could see some movement, as though he were turning restlessly in his sleep. Jazz glanced down to make sure she wouldnt step on anything breakable (apparently being a full-time hero hadnt taught her brother anything about tidiness) and approached the bed.

She watched his fidgeting outline for several long moments until he turned over in his sleep again, this time facing her. Watching his face, she came to two conclusions: one, that he was definitely asleep, and two, he was having a nightmare.

Poor Danny She whispered, not talking to him but not really talking to herself, either. She sat down as carefully as she could to keep from shaking the bed, still watching him. He turned his head away when the shift in weight had caused the bed to slightly tilt. She waited for him to go still again before reaching out and putting a boney, cold hand on his arm, wishing she had some inexplicable ghost power of her own that could somehow cure all his problems in a heartbeat.

Her wish wasnt coming true any time soon, but at least Danny was calming down. After a few moments he started moving again, but this time it was to unconsciously curl up closer to her. Jazz blinked at this, but then realized that he was coldor at least, that his pajama-sleeve under her hand was cooler than it should be–and that he was drawing closer to her for warmth. She scooted a little closer to him, musing that maybe her body-heat might at least solve his current nightmare. Shed need to get him another blanket before she left.

While she thought she looked around for his alarm-clock, and found that it wasnt on the bedside table like it usually was. She gingerly twisted and craned her neck until she finally found it on the floor beside the bed, right where it had landed squarely on a pillow. It had been so conveniently set up, and the clock was perched so squarely dead center on it that Jazz wondered if that pillow hadnt been placed there intentionally. That thought led her to wonder if Danny might have had any experience with nightmares that she might not know about. If so, then this was certainly an important fact for her case-study of him: Danny wasnt just losing sleep to ghost fighting, he was losing rest to nightmares, too. And if he was having nightmares, then that meant there was a whole new array of potential psychological difficulties he might have

They would just have to tough through it all, Jazz decided absently, mind tiredly flipping through possibilities of mental disorders. She was his big sister and she would help him through whatever it was that he needed her for.

Dont worry, Danny, she thought, youre not alone in this.

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