Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Phantom Secrets Chapter 4

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Phantom Secrets Chapter 4

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Danny felt he could never be more grateful then the moment school ended on this disastrous day. All his stuff cramped in his ratty backpack, Danny quickly made his way to the back of the school, intending on not meeting anyoneespecially Dash.

The half-ghosts sudden and unwanted boyfriend had looked ready for murder when they left Mrs. Smiths office but had enough self-control not to in the vicinity of the evil principal and his father, so Danny could slip away before the parents left. The half-ghost didnt want to meet anybody, pertaining that the athlete he was dating was star of the football and basketball team (and therefore the popular scene) causing many people, even those who had never really met the blonde adolescent, to hate the smaller boy merely on principle.

Before people could travel down this hall to get out of the mess that was the dismissal of school, Danny ducked behind a convenient dumpster right outside the rear entrance. Shouting out his catchphrase, a ring of light washed over his body. In just a moment, Danny stood in spandex and with different coloring. The ghost grabbed his backpack and turned invisible to fly in peace.

That serenity didnt last long. Without any finesse, an explosion came from a building from down the street. Danny released a small sigh but like the dutiful little superhero he is, the ghost dropped his backpack and flew to the burning building.

Flitting about outside, he listened. A distant scream reached his ears, causing the boy to fly up into the smoky office building. With the limited visibility, all the ghost could do was follow the voice whose scream already tampered off into choked sobs. He flew through three floors, listening and dodging the falling pillars on fire. On the eighth or so floor, he finally found a young woman, tugging an unconscious old man towards the door.

Danny seized the two people, wrenching them apart. Throwing the woman over his shoulder and tucking the elder under his arm, the boy fled the building, flying through the non-burning wall, ignoring the woman’s shrieks. For a moment, Danny looked over his shoulder to building that was already collapsing under the damage. The boy gently floated down into an alley devoid of people to place the gentleman and woman on the ground. The mans head lolled as he touched down and the woman knees gave out when she touched the ground, gaping at the invisiblethingthat saved them. Finally, her poor shocked body just gave out, flopping to the ground as he eyes rolled back into her head.

The boy allowed his body to become human again, racing out of the alley to where the firefighters and paramedics were stationed. Danny screamed, Help! Two people! Hurt! Help! and led the medic team back into the alley. Before they actually entered the alley, the child jumped and changed in mid-air to fly away cleanly.

Hey, what was the flash of light?

Never mind that, wheres the brat? It better not be another prank or god as my witness

The kid was telling the truth, someone get those two help!

But the brats-


Danny flew a couple streets down and landed to turn human and to catch his breath. A steady clap reached his ears and his eyes flew up to meet the unknown audience.

A lanky man, tall with non-descript black clothing with an outlandish green hat stood before the boy, still clapping steadily with a small smile on his face. He murmured, his voice easily reaching the boys ears, CongratulationsPhantom.

With one finally clap his eyes opened, his purple eyes staring straight into Dannys blue eyes. They both stood there for some moments, staring.

Danny hesitated further before finally saying, Uhm, thank you?

But your form is rather off, you dont harness your energy, you havent even explored and practice your talents, youre rather weak, and your uniform is rather tacky, the man continued, counting of points on his gloved hand. But the blonde waved his hand, banishing all the poor points, and smiled wider, adding, Which why I appointed myself to be your trainer!

Danny gaped at the man, utterly flabbergasted, My what? Look, dude, thatsahnice and all but I dont even know your name and

Oh my, I havent introduced myself! My name is Ken! the man interrupted happily.

That still doesnt say who you are muttered Danny, glaring at the man-Ken? Really?-and scowling.

Still smiling, the man suddenly crossed the area separating the two and looped his arm around the boy. Before Danny could either slip out and run away or turn intangible and run away, the street and the buildings twisted, collapsing into itself. The black mass the buildings left behind melted and formed a training yard.

Danny ripped himself away from the person and stumbled back, falling to the grassy ground. He slowly rubbed the blades of grass between his fingers, unbelieving that this ground was previously concrete. The blades slipped through his fingers as he stared at the man, W-what are you? How did youdo this?!

Looking unperturbed and still smiling, the man chirped, I told you, Im Ken! As for this? Well the man gave this to mehad some bling like Public Enemy, you know, like a clock

Clockwork?! Did Clockwork send you?!

Ken snapped his fingers, Yeah that bloke, scared the wits outta me when he went from a geezer to a bratAnyway, lets get started!

Danny, get up! You forgot to turn on your alarm! Youre going to be late!

The boy groaned. He didnt want to move. Moreover, he couldnt move. That bastard worked him over so that it was a feat to open his eyes.

Danny Fenton! If you dont get up now, Im going to leave without you!

Sighing, knowing Jazz would go through with her threat; Danny sat up, Ow!

What was that noise? yelled Jazz.

Nothing! Danny called back, rubbing his popped back. Moving sluggishly and heavily, Danny dressed and went downstairs.

Before he could find something to eat, Jazz grabbed the back of his shirt and dragged him out. She explained, No time, eat something thats in the glove box, were already late!

Danny sat still and for the entire car ride tried to rub feeling back into his numb then aching joints and muscles. His sister stared at him out of the corner of her eye and frowned, Are you okay? Did you run into any ghosts?

Danny shook his head, Nah. There was one crazy fellow but I dont think hes a ghost adding with a mutter under his breath, Im not sure what he is

Oh, well, began Jazz, trying to search for a topic, Did you finish your homework?

Danny sat straight up but had to pause for a groan in answer to his protesting muscles, I forgot! My backpack! Its outside that building!

What? Wheres your backpack?

I left it at the burning building!

What?! Jazz stared at him then glared, What are you waiting for?! Get it!

Following his sisters order, Danny went ghost and raced to the site for the fire. Flying into the area where he first saw the fire, the boy looked around, all over the streets, and in the nearby trash bins. He turned up empty-handed, Oh god, Lancer is going to kill me!

Detention! the fat bald man screamed at the poor student

Danny hung his head and thought ninety-eight

Get to your seat! I cant believe you were late AND forgot your homework! yelled Lancer, And your precious principal cant get you out of this, your set for afternoon detention!

Danny made his way over to his desk and dropped his head onto the wood, ignoring his friends sympathetic glances. His body ached, he was dead tired and he had yet another (ninety-eighth) detention. Could this day get any worse?

Screeeeeech, Stupid mike. Oh, good morning students!


Its another beautiful day! The sun is shiningthe grass is greenthe orange and palm trees swaaaaay! Oh wait, its neither snowing nor December so Ill stop singing. Anyhoo, it is a gorgeous day which is why the first task for the extra credit project shall begin! Okay, the first mission you must undertake is…being near your partner!

Oh no

Yes, darlings, you did hear me correctly! Today you must sit with you significant other, in the classes you share, at lunch, and everywhere! Heh heh heh. It shall be an exciting task to get to know your partner, so now get up and move!

The class stared at the speaker in a state of shock, including Mr. Lancer. Nobody moved.

And Ill be doing random rounds so sit with your partner NOW!

The class burst into chaotic bustle. Danny slowly made his way over to Dash, preferring to look to see how his friends were doing. Sam was interlocked with a glaring contest with Ryan before dropping her weight fully on the chair next to the jock somehow in a threatening manner. Tucker was trying to smile at the simmering Paulina but was failing miserably at the face of her anger. The Latina let out a huff and tenderly sat next to the geek. Tucker grinned over his girlfriend at his best friend.

Danny tried to give his friend an answering smile but it dropped off when he saw the scowling boy. Gingerly, he perched himself on the chair by the athletes body, completely stiff in order to avoid anymore contact with the boy.

Dash whispered into the others ear, Ill play along with this game your flipping principal thought up for now, Fentina. But you better watch your back, and pinched his arm sharply to accompany the threat.

Ow, Danny muttered rubbing his arm, knowing that Dash was smirking at half-ghost. The boy frowned but paid attention to the front of the classroom.

Mr. Lancer scowled at the class, like it was their fault he has to deal with this creature they now call the principal, I was going to give you a quiz over last nights assignments but considering your newseating arrangementsthat will be counterproductive. Instead, well take notes following what we did yesterday

Danny tried to follow Lancer, honest. But after awhile, the monotonous voice started to make his eyes drift shut and the body next to him was so warm and


Dannys eyes flew open and he was shocked to realize he was tucked against the jocks shoulder. The boy quickly shot up, knocking his head to Dashs chin. Danny hunched over the desk, gripping at the spot of collision, before looking up to a fuming, red faced Lancer. The fat man sneered, Bell. Rang. Go. Now.

Embarrassed, Danny leapt out of that room to go to his next class which thankfully did not have the blonde in. Sam sat next to him, without her partner too, and whispered, What happened yesterday? You didnt answer any of my calls.

Danny shrugged and answered, Nothing; yesterday was just kinda weird.

Sam frowned at him but before she could pry further, the bell rang and the teacher started class with a quiz. Which Danny failed miserably, of course.

I swear I couldnt remember a thing from this entire year, complained Danny to his two friends on the way to lunch, Im so tired.

Tucker was too busy looking forward to food but Sam questioned, What happened yesterday?

Nothing! I told you already, snapped Danny.

Sam glared at him, I dont like your tone! Here I am, being a friend

Hello students! an annoyingly chipper voice rang out. Principal Smith stood just inside the lunch room, smiling at the trio, How are we doing this morning? Remember; sit with (giggle) your partner today!

In unison, Sam and Danny moaned but Tucker looked that much happier at the prospect of eating with Paulina. The African-American made his way to buy his lunch while Sam and Danny picked their way to the popular table.

Paulina spotted the two first and sneered, What are you two geeks doing here?

Sam jabbed her thumb over her shoulder to the beaming principal by the door, Its her fault not ours. The group groaned and ever so slowly made just enough room for the two to squeeze between Dash and Ryan. Sam opened her lunch of Californian rolls and dumped soy sauce on it.

Her boyfriends nose wrinkled, What is that and whats that smell?

Sushi, she said tersely, And your smelling vinegar soaked rice.

Star asked curiously, Isnt that, like, raw fish?

Sam indulged her and answered, Usually. This one is made with cucumbers, carrots, and other veggies.

Kwan wrinkled his nose but asked Danny, Dude, are you eatin?

No, Im fat today, he answered with a straight face.

The popular table hushed and Paulina asked, Youreanorexic?

Ignore him, interrupted the Goth, shoving her elbow into the boys side, He thinks hes funny. It only works on your psychology obsessed sister.

Im waiting for Tucker, explained Danny, He either buys too much or he gets something for me since I forget.

Tucker popped out from behind one of the jocks, holding a tray with plates stacked with food, beaming, I am good for some things. He sat next to Paulina to begin assembling his food. Not soon long after, Tucker pushed a plate of trimmings and bread over to Danny as he kept the tray for his meat sandwich (between two slabs of steak: a couple of burger patties, some hot dogs that were sliced in half for more stability, and a combo of BBQ pork/beef/chicken shredded finishing it off). The people who never associated with him before looked on with a mixture of disgust and awe.

Paulina looked on with pure revulsion, And he eats this every day?

Danny nodded, munching on a lettuce leaf, Yeah, this for lunch, a couple steaks for dinner, and sausage and bacon-

I forgot bacon! the boy cried, setting his sandwich down carefully and racing back to the lunch line.

-for breakfast finished Danny, taking a bite out of a tomato.

Wait, wait, said Ryan, All he does is geek about a videogame or something, yes? Doesnt play sports or exercise. So how the hell does he stay so skinny?

Sam swallowed her sushi and answered, Running in terror, either from me or Dannys house.

Paulina and Star awkwardly returned to talking about plans for shopping and the boys started talking about the championship football game and the opposing team (the Bradford Badgers or something) as the geeks quietly ate. Well, Sam also kicked Danny and glared at him but they were still quiet and Tucker didnt bother anyone as he focused on his meat sandwich.

It was rather peaceful (if a little tense) until Valerie ducked behind Danny. She peeked over his shoulder, eyes darting in utter fear, as she whispered, Hide me! Mikeys coming!

Sam and Danny pushed her under the table. Just as Valerie got her head beneath the table, Mikey sprinted by yelling, My love! Where are you?!

After the danger passed, Valerie popped up, squeezing between Sam and Danny, snagging a tomato slice, Thanks, the freak has been following me everywhere. I only got away when I sneaked out of the girls room when he wasnt looking.

Ew, gross, Paulina and Star commiserated until they remembered they werent talking to the girl so they turned away in a huff.

Valerie ignored her former friends and asked the nerds around a mouthful of food, So, whats up?

Danny grabbed an onion and shrugged. Tucker still focused on his colossal meat sandwich which hes only eaten half of so far. Sam frowned at them both but popped another roll in her mouth.

Valerie rolled her eyes, Well, didja hear about the fire yesterday?

Was it a ghost? questioned Sam.

Well, I know a ghost was there. A woman who was rescued said she saw the ghost boy before she passed out. In fact, Valerie leaned in closer as though her piece of gossip was a secret, The police said they found evidence of a person missing in action.


Basically, someone left something behind at the crime and the police are asking whoever left it to come forward, hopefully with information.

My backpack! yelled Danny, jumping to his feet nearly upsetting the table. Noticing blank stares directed to him, he hesitated, trying to think of an excuse, Iuhforgetit in my last class! I need to get it! See you!

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