Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Moon Wind Chapter 8

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Moon Wind Chapter 8

Moon Wind

By: Garnet Sky

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom.

River in the Emerald

The cherubic child recited in her high, syrupy sweet tone:

“Nine great princes rule the Zone;

Nine great hearts stand alone.

The land of flame where time stands still,

The silent guardian of word and will.

The lord of the halls of dark and light,

The silent void beyond the night.

Nine great princes rule the Zone;

Nine great hearts stand alone.

A wish to twist reality,

A kiss to grant immortality,

Fire’s crown and ringing rage doth sleep,

Justice’s banner will fly and leap.

Nine great princes rule the Zone;

Nine great hearts stand alone.

The first prince watches, guides the rest,

Keeping silence vigilance.

By the stream, he stands to wait,

For the close of time’s last gate.

Nine great princes rule the Zone;

Nine great hearts stand alone.”

Clockwork nodded to himsef and recite their names from memory. “Aragon Draakona, the Nightmare Paladin, Dan’el Phantom Grey, Nocturne Somnus. Desari of the Golden Lights, Aione Kitthyris, the Black Outcast, the Rule Maker,” he sighed. “And myself.”

Saturn closed his eyes. “Now to find Phantom’s ghost tamer.”

Danny sat down on a bench in an alcove off of the Grand Piazza, which separated the Halls of both Spectrums. He opened his hand and stared down at the ring and sighed. Staring at a marble fountain carved to resemble ghost and human children kneeling in gratitude at the feet of the Queen of the Triads, he became lost in his own thoughts.

I’m lost. I am the only son of Lady Bright, yet I am still Danny Fenton, a halfa child of incompetent ghost hunters. I don’t know what I really want or need. Clockwork told me that in order to understand humans, I had to become one. Mother told me that I would have access to the human world and that my friends would forget about me. I blindly obeyed her and entered the malachite ring. She lied and they’re coming here with my human father to bring me back.

Danny looked down at his feet.

The question really bothering me should be: Is if they do come for me, will I really want to go back to the human world with them?

Shaking that thought from his mind, he rose to feet, stretched and crossed the square to where a Triadic ghost in French chevalier garb was waiting for him at the Doors.

Jack swallowed as the castle of the Time Master drew nearer. “His trail leads us here, kids. Are you absolutely sure this ‘Clockwork’ person is benevolent?”

“Only if you don’t rile him up,” Tucker replied, giving a short yelp when Sam jabbed her elbow in his ribs. “That hurt, Sam.”

“I know,” she replied, giving him an angry glare. “Mr. Fenton, Clockwork is the only person who might possibly know how to find Danny. I trust him.”

Jack sighed and switched the gears to landing mode. “That’s all we can do, then. Let’s go and find my son.”

The trio alighted from the Specter Speeder and began the perilous journey up the rocky outcrop that led to Clockwork’s lair.

The Triadic ghost had long black hair that fell in waves to his shoulders. He wore black justacorps with platinum platinum scrollwork, black knee breeches and stockings and a white ruffled shirt and cravat. His waistcoat was white and on his feet were high-heeled, solid black squared-toed shoes.

Adjusting the smallsword in its shoulder belt, he bowed low to the Lord of Light and Darkness as he approached the Doors to the Indigo Wing. “Not all of us deign to wear full white regalia, my lord,” the chevalier said by way of introduction. “I am French of the Thulian Triad, at your service.”

Phantom Grey smiled. “Weren’t you wearing a corset, blouse and skirt the last time I saw you?”

“I lost a bet to Persimmon and Psyche of the Orange and Purple Triads,” he replied. “And between you and me: whalebone bites.”

Phantom Grey threw back his head and laughed. “I have missed thy company, good friend.”

“Have thee a request, son of the Lady?” French inquired.

“Human butchers of our people approach our borders. Take the Indigo Triad and watch them. Do nothing, but watch. Only act if ordered to do so by Mother or myself,” Phantom commanded.

“As you wish, my good fellow. A lady of the Octarine Triad doth await thy bonding gift, if my eyes do not deceive me,” French said, bowing once more with a flourish.

“Bow any lower and your plumed hat will touch thy feet,” Phantom told him wearily.

“I have been slain,” French moaned, pantomiming his death, while exiting the room.

Danny rolled his eyes; French’s theatrics were worse than Tucker’s every time Sam killed him in Doom.

Author’s Note

French-male, Lighter Spectrum, Thulia Triad

Persimmon-female, Lighter Spectrum, Orange Triad

Thistle-female, Darker Spectrum, Purple Triad

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