Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Reunions Chapter 13

Danny Phantom Pornography Story: Reunions Chapter 13

Disclaimer: I dont own Danny Phantom. He and the other characters were created by Butch Hartman.

13. A Ghosts mansion

Max and Theo sneaked up on a mansion. It was big, scary and belonged to Vlad Masters aka. The-man-who-never-learns-of-his-mistakes-and-threatens-the-world.-again!.

Man, that guy seriously knows how to give you the creeps, Max whispered.

Yeah. I-I know. Maxi, Im scared Theo whined.

Oh come on! Danny never was scared of anything! Dont you want to make him proud?

Of course I do! Theo yelled.

Max flinched and hissed: Pssst. Youre gonna alert the guards! Cmon, we use the back door.

He then ran into the back yard, unaware of the security cams and traps. The sky was dark blue and the sun slowly sank behind giant, gray clouds. The soft breeze blew as the twins crept over to the door.

Second story, fifth door on the right of Vlads mansion

Plasmius stood on a window smirked. And stood and smirked, and stood and smirked well, you get the point. He had done this since a couple of minutes now. How boring. But Danny really wondered what he was up to. Why do villains always have to be so mysterious anyway? Danny wondered. Al last he decided to break the silence.

Hey V-man, he asked in a mocking, yet innocent tone, What time is it? Im starving!

Vlad sighed. He knew the boy just wanted to annoy him, but he couldnt help but getting angry every time.

Daniel, dont even bother to try to break out. And to answer your first question: its 5.45 pm. So you can wait for another twenty minutes and youll be gone anyway.

A quick, wicked smile crossed his face as he turned back to the window while Dannys blood ran cold. Hes really going to kill me? Soon?

Ah look at this., Vlad suddenly sneered, two kids sneaking in my backyard. Im surprised they came that far. Oh well, my guards will stop them

What two kids Danny asked warily.

Vlad turned around and answered simply: Your cousins.

WHAT? NO! LEAVE. THEM. ALONE! Danny screamed fearfully grabbing the cage bars.

Ah, yes, I forgot. They belong to your family. Hmm, lets see how far you are willing to go for them. Vlad laughed loud and cold and took out a phone. He quickly dialed a number.

Walker? We have two little intruders.

He then faced Danny, whose face had paled unnaturally.

More family, hmm?

Oh boy! Theyre doomed! Vlad wants to kill Danny and Walker is about to catch Dannys only hope (for now). And the rest of our heros are still not taking action

Im so mean to Danny ^^

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